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L&I Settlement Amounts for Washington State Labor and Industries Claims

What is an L&I Settlement?

An L&I settlement is money paid at claim closure. There are three types:

  • PERMANENT PARTIAL DISABILITY (PPD). Lump sum money for someone who can return to work. Most L&I settlements are PPD settlements. Click for more information: Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)
  • PENSION. Lifetime monthly payments for someone who will never return to work again. It is the best possible settlement; the equivalent of time loss for the rest of your life. Click for more information: Pension
  • STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT(CRSSA). A settlement for someone who doesn’t need their L&I claim. A CRSSA trades away most of the L&I claim for a modest settlement. These settlements are usually not fair. Click for more information: Claims Resolutions Structured Settlement Agreements ( CRSSA)

There are many other L&I benefits which are not considered settlements.

How Much Settlement Money will I Get With My L&I Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Settlement?

  • The amount of PPD settlement money varies with the date of injury, the seriousness of the disability, whether you have any liens or over payments on your claim, and what you do to help yourself.
  • Date of injury is important because each year L&I increases the amount of money they will pay for a particular disability. Your scheduled amount is in part based on your date of injury .
  • The  seriousness of your disability is measured by your impairment rating. Your impairment rating is done by IME doctors and/or your doctor. It makes a difference who does your rating. Pay attention and help yourself.
  • How to help yourself – see Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) L&I Settlement
  • See the L&I Settlement Video for more information.

When and How is an L&I PPD Settlement Paid?

L&I PPD settlement amounts are awarded at claim closure.

  • Small Settlements – If the award amount is less than three times the state’s average monthly wage at the date of injury, a check for that amount is sent at claim closure.
  • Larger Settlements – If the award exceeds  more than three times the state’s average monthly wage at the date of injury, a down payment of that amount is made. The balance of the award is paid in monthly installments equal to the worker’s monthly time-loss compensation (at the time of closure).

L&I Attorney Chris Sharpe Explains Other L&I Benefits Besides Settlement Money.

There are many other L&I benefits which are not settlements.  Here is my list of the most important benefits.  L&I Benefits Summary

Can I Reopen After a Settlement?

Yes you can reopen your claim closure if you have a worsening of your medical condition. For deadlines and other considerations see Reopening your claim 

What If I Don’t Like my Settlement Amount?

Do something about it. You can do it yourself with a protest or appeal, or you can get a lawyer. If you want to talk to a lawyer Contact us, and don’t wait until its too late. There is a 60 day deadline to dispute the settlement amount – don’t miss your deadline to protest or appeal.

Can I Cash a PPD Check and Ask for More Settlement Money?

Yes, you can cash a PPD check and ask for more. You ask for more by appealing or protesting the closing order before the 60 day deadline passes.

Can I Help Myself Get a Better Settlement Amount?

Yes you can. Just do it. If you need help  getting started, check out Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) L&I Settlement. If you don’t know what to do, you may wish to talk to an L&I attorney.  Get informed and make good decisions.

Can a Washington State L&I Lawyer Help Me?

A free phone consultation with an L&I lawyer will answer that question. A smart L&I lawyer can easily assess where you are and what should be done next. Once you get their advice, you can DIY or you can ask them if they will help you. A good workers’ compensation lawyer won’t take your case unless they believe they can improve your settlement.  Initial consultations by the Sharpe Law Firm always are free. We can help you plan a smart course of action to get the best possible settlement.   Contact us. 

What is an L&I Pension?

If you cannot work again, and you can prove it, a pension will pay you time loss for the rest of your life. If you think this would help you, look at our Pension Video. 

L&I PPD Settlement Video.

Learn more about L&I PPD Settlements and view our SETTLEMENT VIDEO

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