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The free consultation answered all of my questions. The woman was very knowledgable and a great resource for me. Other practices I spoke with left me confused. I highly recommend Sharpe Law for their knowledge. Thank you once more. 5/5
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Ali S. 2/21/2023
Sharpe Law is great at getting back to you! The receptionist is very friendly and helpful. They can be trusted! I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.
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Michael G. 6/28/2022
Very helpful
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Todd M. 10/29/2021
I have had the misfortune of getting injured while at work and have been going through 1.5 years the l&i circus, err I mean, claims process. After being put through the ringer with my state advocate I called for a consultation with Sharper Law. Cheryl answered and took nearly an hour to speak with me at lengths about my situation. The folks here seem to take great pride in providing as much information as possible to help form your decisions. Enough so that I felt inclined to stop by the old google review machine and let the rest of you know how good my experience was. I’d give them 6 stars if I could.
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Taylor 10/04/2021
I called to get some questions answered and they were great. The phone person could be a little friendly but still a 5 star overall
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valentin r. 8/10/2021
Great assistant with answering all my questions and concerns,, thank you Cheryl
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Ali Z. 5/12/2021
I needed to talk to someone just to see if I was moving in the right direction and with a quick phone call Cheryl talked me through some good need to know info. The call was free, Cheryl was very professional, engaging and concise with her answers to my questions. It was much appreciated and saved me lots of running in circles!
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Logan L. 12/14/2020
I called in a complete panic and was helped right away. She had me read the letter and she explained it to me. She made my day😀
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Rena B. 11/12/2020
Willing to answer questions over email.
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Torstein E. 11/12/2020
Loved working with the whole team at Sharpe Law Firm. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to L&I and on the job injuries. My father-in-law was injured on the job recently and after speaking with Cheryl, he felt much more comfortable with the L&I process and how to move forward. I would highly recommend them!
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Karina M. 11/12/2020
I've worked with them for over a decade and the entire team is always such a pleasure to work with. Always pleasant and professional.
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teejabadeej 11/12/2020
They were awesome at listening and quick response. Would definitely recommend them. And definitely think about using them if I need further assistance .
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THA G. 11/12/2020
They were very informative
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jeremy b. 11/12/2020
I called to get A question answered,oh boy they are good!!!! She answered all my questions. Thank you
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Sharon L. 11/12/2020
Very impressed... I contacted them for help with an L&I claim. They spent time reviewing the file and provided guidance on how to proceed, along with work product. They refused to bill me for what must have been at least a few hours work. They actually mean it that you don't need to hire an attorney to get their help. Cheryl was so helpful. Treated me like I was their biggest client.
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Joel C. 10/28/2020
Fantastic Firm. very helpful, and quick to answer my questions. They know the Law. Can't go wrong with these guys . like the name sack says Sharpe ( as a Tack). Thank you again for all your time and help. Steve Hansen.
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Steven h. 11/12/2019
I have talked to several law firms over the past 3 years, none have offered to take a serious look at my case until I found Sharpe. I spent ten minutes on the phone, sent 2 quick e-mails, now I feel stress free to enjoy my holidays. Honestly the best phone call I've made since my accident five years ago. I am truly grateful.
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Kenneth M. 11/12/2019
Yes, I would recommend Sharp Law firm to anyone who needs SOLID HELP!I'm so thankful for the knowledge and support they provided me, at a very scary time in my life, I was very sick and uncertain of my future.From the moment I met Chris Sharp and his team at Sharp Law, Bob,Vitalia, Cheryl and Stacey and the rest of the crew. I felt like I had a team too!!A DREAM TEAM !Happy Glamper!
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HAPPY G. 11/12/2019
I had the opportunity to speak with Cheryl, she provided great information and made a few suggestions. I feel that Sharpe law firm is really interested in assisting people, that their bottom line is achievement, not dollar signs. I heartily suggest you contact Sharpe Law Firm, NOT the ones with constant advertising on television. I fully intend to use Sharpe when it becomes necessary!
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Winters M. 11/12/2019
Excellent Attorney..Good at what he does And Really Cares..
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Barbara D. 11/12/2019
Chris Sharpe and his staff are top notch. They are fair, kind, respectful, and always available to help and answer questions.We appreciate the support they have given our family for over 20 years.
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Jenelle C. 11/12/2019
Sharpe Law firm responded very quickly and although our situation did not warrant their services, they gave suggestions on which direction to go (which confirmed what we had heard from someone else) and over all our short exchanges were informative, respectful and helpful.
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Mychelle D. 11/12/2019
Sharpe a law firm is an incredibly friendly and informative resource for information regarding Labor and Industry worker compensation claims. They were able to answer all of my questions with just a couple of phone calls. I highly recommend them to anyone that's dealing with workers compensation claims.
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Nicholas L. 11/12/2019
Yes YES YES!!!Sharpe Law Firm website has all the L&I information you need in your L&I case. It will help answer the questions you may have about, "what should I do now? What now? Who can I talk to? Should I talk to an L&I doctor or have my own Dr.? Pension? No Pension? Pay out? Lump Sum? Vocational retraining?YOUR Dr. is 90% of your case so make sure you and your Dr. are telling L&I the right thing!!!Cheryl is a great source for the final questions. Make sure you do your research on the Sharpe Law Firm website.
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Realize E. 11/12/2019
I got injured at work , broke my foot ,. From the beginning my boss lied about the incident and was going to deny my LNI case. I felt desperate so I called Sharp Law Firm for assistance. Sherly answered, she was a paralegal , I thought she would just get rid of me quickly, but she did not, Sherly talk to me continuously and gave me so much comfort and information . She also provide me one of the firms lawyer, Linda, and had her spoke with me, Sherly was my angel. She always pick up the phone and calm me down with professional advise. Sherly also provided me with another lawyer who can deal with the wrongfully dismissal issue. I was completely surrounded by SHARP LAW FIRM people and they were all consistent with helping me! What really amazes me is that everything they told me and advise me came true! And they never charge me a dime... At the end L&I proved my time lost case and my boss was dismissed . I want to thank Sherly and Linda who relentlessly helped me go through this horrible time and am thankful for there professionalism.
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alex a. 11/12/2019
I would highly recommend these people. I called to inquire about an L & I that went to Collections. They were friendly, helpful and directed me to a RCW that put an end to the calls! Thank you guys for your kindness & help!
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Susanne J. 11/12/2019
There are no words to describe how helpful, kind and supportive both Chris Sharpe and Cheryl have been regarding both our Workers Comp and Personal Injury cases. They are so knowledgeable and have shown tremendous generosity in sharing their expertise. These are exactly the kinds of people you want on your side after dealing with the after effects of an occupational disease. We will always be grateful for their help.
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Lori T. 11/12/2018
We contacted them for consultation regarding occupational disease, and L&I. They were incredibly helpful and very willing to spend time discussing our case. Very knowledgeable. Cheryl was especially great!
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lunchfoot 11/12/2018
I personally haven't signed up with Sharpe Law Firm. Because Cheryl answered every question and really put my mind at ease through this process. They didn't try to nickel and dime me. Always helpful, and I managed to keep my claim open on my own with they're help. And it didn't cost me anything! How could you go wrong. Sharpe Law Firm is about people first. Thank you for all your help Cheryl.
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James H. 11/12/2018
Sharpe's website is the best resource for getting informed about everything L&I. I'll be sure to give you guys a ring when the time is right!
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Mike O. 11/12/2018
They were so helpful. The phones were answered so quickly and they spent a lot of time answering my questions.
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Savannah P. 11/12/2017
Just had the pleasure of getting legal assessment from the staff regarding my case and with out hesitation they went out of their way to evaluate and assess what the outcome of my case should be and offered to gladly step in if it was anything less all with a great friendly attitude.
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HEKNUT 11/12/2017
The team members in this lawfirm are personable, highly-experienced, and efficient at what they do best. What more could you ask for from a reputable lawfirm?
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Ilene L. 11/12/2017
I love Sharpe Law and especially Cheryl who goes above and beyond to help, her tone has always been the same sweet tone since 9 years that I had spoken to her. Thanks to Sharpe Law.
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Shamsun N. 11/12/2017
I have been a member of Sharpe Law Firm for many years the staff is caring very professional and they work for you you're just not a number on a card where they can't remember who you are they work for you and that makes me feel proud to call Law Firm my number one agency Law Firm. If you're looking for a gay one Law Firm this is the one I know they will help you they did me thank you folks for reading this and they Sharpe love her and be that right choice for you Daniel
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Daniel F. 11/12/2016
The Sharpe Law Firm staff has always provided a positive professional experience for us. We knew from the beginning we were in good hands. You clearly explained our rights, and helped Steven deal with the many obstacles involved.Many thanks to Chris, Cheryl, and the very nice team at Sharpe.Your dedication and hard work have made such an impact on our lives.We will always be grateful!Steven and Evelyn
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Evelyn G. 11/12/2016
The Sharpe Law Firm and all of its employees clearly care about their clients and the services they provide. Even if they are not able to represent a client, they attempt to give as much information to steer clients in the right direction for getting the help they need. This shows the above and beyond customer service and professionalism that they demonstrate.
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Janice W. 11/12/2016
The Sharpe Law Firm is first class and go above and beyond expectations. I only was asking if I would require help with a legal matter and they could not but they also gave every piece of advice possible in a lengthy consultation that to me is above and beyond. The associate was clear, concise, well explained, and very gracious. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of expert legal service that are practiced by them. If there is a better alternative for the types of cases they handle I would simply be amazed....5 Stars...many thanks to the Sharpe Law Firm in Seattle
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Tyson W. 11/12/2016
The Sharpe Law Firm staff has always provided a positive professional experience for us. We knew from the beginning we were in good hands. You clearly explained our rights, and helped Steven deal with the many obstacles involved.
Many thanks to Chris, Cheryl, and the very nice team at Sharpe.
Your dedication and hard work have made such an impact on our lives.
We will always be grateful!
Steven and Evelyn
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Evelyn G. 8/27/2016
I had a really good experience with Sharpe Law firm. They answered all of my questions, and all of my interactions with them were handled promptly and professionally. The best part was that someone actually answered the phone when I called. I didn't have to leave a message and then wait a week or two for a response!
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Elias G. 11/12/2014

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