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Job injuries are a huge problem. They cause financial strain, physical disability, and mental stress. Injuries to workers threaten families and ruin careers. Serious injuries change lives – and seldom for the better.

Nobody taught you how to survive the effects of a serious job injury and effectively handle your L&I claim.  This website is your opportunity to get information about the medical, vocational, financial, and legal help you need to make your L&I claim work for you.

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This website will provide information you need to help you understand how your claim works and how you can  control the outcome of your case.  Here are suggestions about how to access this information:

Learn About L&I Benefits

L&I Benefit Information. – 12 Valuable things L&I can do for you.
Beginners L&I Claim Guide – A good place to start
L&I Settlements – Learn the rules to get a fair settlement
FAQ – With answers and helpful links
Contact Us – Your questions answered for free

Don’t Let L&I or the Self Insurer Take Advantage of You

Things you need to know
11 Things that can ruin your claim
Know Your Rights 
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