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L&I 2019 Cost of Living Increase to be Announced Soon

Every July the Department of Labor and Industries announces the cost of living increase for injured workers receiving wage replacement benefits.  Injured workers with injuries resulting in Permanent Total Disability will also receive the cost of living increase in their lifetime pension benefit paid by the Department of Labor and Industries. For workers with dates […]

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Inspector General Critical of DOE and Penser for their Hanford L&I Claim Handling Procedures

The inspector general is the oversight office with the responsibility to prevent inefficient or illegal operation within the Department of Energy. The IG’s opinion matters. The Inspector General has written a report about how Hanford L&I claims have been handled. The report was released August 2018. The report findings are: The department of Energy does […]

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AMA Guides Found Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania on June 20 2017 found the AMA guides unconstitutional for PPD rating in workers compensation cases.  Pennsylvania law provided that the degree of impairment shall be based on an evaluation by a physician…pursuant to the most recent edition of the AMA guides.  This delegation to the AMA to determine impairment, allowed […]

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L&I Provider Self – Service Phone Line

L&I providers, including medical doctors,  osteopaths; chiropractors; naturopaths; podiatrists; dentists; optometrists;  advanced registered nurse practitioners; physical therapists; occupational therapists; speech therapists; mental health providers such psychiatrists and psychologists can now obtain automated claim information. The self service automated phone line provides the following information.  Claim Manager’s Name and Phone Number Claim Status Authorization Status Bill Payment Status Utilization Review […]

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L&I Proposes Favorable ARNP Rule Change

L&I is moving to encourage more ARNP’s to join and be treated fairly in their provider network. Under the proposal, ARNP’s should receive full L&I reimbursement for their services to injured workers. L&I plans to amend WAC 296-23-245 to make this happen.  Comments on public testimony will be allowed between now and mid September. If allowed, the amendment to […]

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Metro Bus Driver Attacked In The Line Of Duty

This week a metro bus driver is in the hospital after a vicious knife attack. Another tragic incident resulting in a nut case for the criminal justice system and an injured driver who has to deal with L&I. How will L&I handle this claim? This claim should be straight forward with undisputed facts, lots of witness’, […]

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Western State Nurses Deserve Protection

The Seattle Times editorial board got it right in their recent Culture Change Needed at Western State piece of April 10, 2016 Their critical look at Western State shines a much needed light on the dark practice of failing to protect  the nurses, psychiatric technicians, counselors, doctors, and other workers from workplace violence. Intimidation and […]

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Boeing Layoff’s & Job Injuries

Looks like another round of layoff’s for Boeing employees. Here is information about how a layoff affects you and your L&I claim. CLAIM BASICS Beginners L&I Claim Guide TYPES OF CLAIMS Injuries Occupational Disease LAYOFF STATUS Layoffs and L&I Claims WATCH OUT FOR Eleven Things That Can Ruin Your Claim Claims Suppression of L&I/Workers’ Compensation […]

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2016 Minimum Wage Announced

In Washington State, each year the Department of Labor and Industries calculates the state minimum wage. Washington’s minimum wage for 2016 is $9.47 per hour. $9.47 per hour is the same minimum wage as Washington had in 2015.   Minimum wage in this country is set by federal, state, and local jurisdictions. State and local jurisdictions can set […]

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Don’t let Facebook ruin your workers compensation claim

You have suffered an on the job injury and filed a workers compensation claim. Maybe you’ve had surgery and are off work.  You’ve got time on your hands while you heal, so you update and post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. At first the posts share how miserable you are, and you show pictures […]

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Client Letters

These are great people! I went to them in 05 for help dealing with L&I. Since then they have helped me a lot. They did what they said they would. [...]

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