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Nobody calls an L&I lawyer unless they have an L&I problem. It’s our job to turn L&I problems into positive results. We’ve helped thousands of injured workers. Here’s a sample of our work.

Pension Awarded

Situation: Hard working woman has a job as a riveter for a large local airplane manufacturer. She suffers multiple injuries and has two open L&I claims. She is given the pink slip and then told she is no longer entitled to time loss benefits. She was at a loss for what to do, then decided to call the Sharpe Law Firm for a free consultation.

Result: Our law firm was able to prove that this injured worker was not physically able to return to any employment as a result of the industrial injuries, and that her termination from the employer was bogus. We were able to reinstate her L&I benefits and eventually get her a permanent total disability pension award.

Pension Awarded

Situation: A man’s daughter calls to discuss her fathers claim. He is 54, doesn’t speak English well. Worst of all he works for a self-insured employer. He had a lumbar fusion and couldn’t return to work, they wondered if it was time to hire an attorney.

Result: We reviewed his L&I file and clearly saw a solution to his problems and how legal help would get him good results.  L&I doesn’t just hand injured workers pensions, especially when they are not represented and the employer is self insured. We avoided L&I’s resistance by coordinating with the vocational counselor to establish that the worker was entitled to a lifetime pension because his job injury and his lack of english skills kept him from working any job at any occupation.

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