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Looking for an experienced lawyer to answer your Washington Personal Injury questions?  You have choices. We think you have made a good choice to come here.  For more than 30 years Christopher Sharpe has helped injured persons with their Washington accident and injury cases.

Chris wants you to think about this: Personal Injury cases are not just won or lost. They have value. Case value is increased when you know what to do and get it done. Case value decreases when you don’t have a good plan, and you do nothing to help yourself. 

Chris Sharpe is a Seattle personal injury attorney, who knows what to do.  He shares important and practical personal injury law with you on this website. This website gives you access to information you can use to make smart decisions about your case and get a good result.  Check out our law library .Call us for free advice. If appropriate, let us help with your case or make a timely referral to a lawyer who can help further.

Law Library of Free Information

Personal Injury Law Library

Explore free legal information regarding personal injury law in Washington State. Learn about insurance companies, types of auto insurance, third party claims, legal definitions, what to do if your license is suspensed or you don’t have insurance, what to do about your wrecked car, how to report your insurance company to the state commissioner, and more. Read More

Areas of Practice

Job Injuries (L&I)

L&I claims have a special set of laws all their own. If you have an L&I claim you will want to see the information about PPD settlements, time loss, pensions, vocational training, third party claims and medical treatment. Read More

Vehicle Crash Law FAQ – 20 Things You Need to Know Now About Car, Truck, and Pedestrian Accidents

Learn about the law that controls vehicle accidents:

  • What is my vehicle worth?
  • How much is my personal injury worth? 

 Read More About Claim Values

Third Party Claims with an L&I Injury

A Third Party Claim is an L&I Job Injury Claim and a Personal Injury Claim with the Same Set of Facts You have a third-party claim if you are injured on the job by someone who is not your employer or a co-employee. For example: A working delivery… Read More

Nursing Home Abuse in Washington

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities need to follow the law. Allowing an injury to happen to a vulnerable adult is abuse. Failure to provide services that maintain physical health is neglect. Read More

Wrongful Death Law in Washington State

Losing a family member is one of life’s most difficult experiences. No amount of money can ever replace your loved one. However, if someone’s negligence or intentional act caused your loved one’s death, you can and probably should do something about it. Read More

Premises Liability

A person who owns or occupies property has a legal duty to keep the property safe for visitors. If the property owner or tenant fails to meet that responsibility, and you are  injured by a dangerous condition you will want to learn more about premise liability.

Washington Defective Product Claims – Information For Injured Persons

Defective products are dangerous. They can cause severe life-altering injuries or even death. If you’ve been injured by a defective product, or you’ve lost a loved one because of a dangerous product, you may be legally entitled to recover. Read More

Medical Malpractice In Washington State

Medical mistakes kill and injure.  Doctors and hospitals commit malpractice on their patients every day. Medical mistakes are more common than most people think: Learn about medical malpractice law here. Read More

Construction Site Accidents

It’s easy to be injured on a construction site. It’s a challenge to hold the company liable for job injuries and third party claims. Learn how to handle a construction site accident and get a good result. Read More

Bicycle Accidents in Washington State

Bicycle accidents are serious business. There are no seat belts, no head rests, and no soft landings. The reality is that impact, gravity, and hard surfaces will do more than just spoil your ride. Bicycle injuries can be disabling and catastrophic. Read More

Trucking Accidents in Washington

Big rigs, semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers when mishandled are rolling disasters waiting to happen. These vehicles are a force on the road. Truck accidents cause serious injuries or death. Learn how to handle a trucking accident. Read More

Drunk Driving Cases in Washington State. Information You Can Use.

Drunk driving is not a mistake. It is a bad choice. Drunk drivers are a menace . They endanger everyone. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, hire a lawyer and make things right. Read More

Dog Bites in Washington State

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but not all dogs are friendly. There are estimated to be 4.5 million dog bites annually in the United States. Dog bites cause serious injuries. Learn about Washington and Seattle dog bite law. Read More

Temporary Employee Injuries – Introduction to Third Party Claims

Workers compensation (L&I) law in Washington State favors temporary agency employees. A temporary agency employee with a job injury has two possible claims. Read More

Logging and Mill Accidents in Washington State

Logging is big business. Logging, sawmills, and paper mills are located all over the state. Big outfits have made a lot of money turning trees into things. Many workers have been injured along the way. Read More

Trench Digging and Dirt Excavation Cave-In Accidents

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a trench digging and collapsing accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries from the company responsible for the collapse. That is especially true if a third party failed to abide by the rules. Read More

Burn Accidents in Washington State

Burns are one of the most serious and painful types of injuries you can suffer. If another person’s negligence caused the accident that resulted in your burn injuries, you may be able to recover money to pay for your medical bills, disability, and cosmetic concerns. Read More

Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries in Washington State

A pedestrian has no protection against the force and sheer mass of a moving vehicle. Injuries to pedestrians are frequently catastrophic or fatal. Learn about how pedestrians are protected by the law from a driver’s negligent conduct. Read More

Airplane Crash Law and Information

Airplane crashes and all aviation accidents cause significant injuries and death. These are serious matters. If you suffered injuries in an aircraft accident, or if you lost a loved one in a crash, there are several different potential sources of liability. Learn about them here. Read More

Insurance Bad Faith

When you buy insurance, your agent acts as if he is your best friend. But when you file a claim, that friendship is not important to the insurance company. They will have you deal with the claims department. Learn how to protect yourself and deal with the claim department. Read More

What is the Statute of Limitations in Washington State Personal Injury Law?

The statute of limitation (SOL), in Washington State personal injury cases is a time deadline within which you must settle or file a lawsuit, or you will lose your right to pursue your claim. Learn about your Statute of Limitations  

How will a Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

An honest assessment and helpful analysis of your personal injury case is how a lawyer can  help. The law is a lot easier to understand when you know what it is and how it can assist you.

Phone Calls Answered – We answer our phones during business hours. You call us, and we will talk to you about your case and answer your questions for free.

Informational Website – You are now looking at the most comprehensive personal injury website in Washington State, period. Invest your time here. Learn about personal injury law and how to get a fair result for your case.

Referrals to Free Services – Many people who contact us don’t need an attorney and we are quick to tell them so. We will make referrals to non-legal help services if that’s all it takes to get the job done. 

Legal Representation – If you should have legal help to make your claim work, we’ll talk to you about that. If you would benefit from a referral to a lawyer, consider it done.

Common Personal Injury Cases in Seattle WA

  • Car, Truck, and Motorcycle crashes are the most frequent type of personal injury claim. In Washington, well over 100,000 accidents occur each year, many of them serious or fatal. 
  • Job Injuries are some of  the most devastating of the personal injuries. Lifting injuries, trip and fall,  electrocution, trauma and PTSD ruin careers and cripple workers. 
  • Construction site accidents are serious business. Falls from heights, electrocution, being struck by an object, dangerous machines, toxic chemicals, and being pinned between a rock and a hard spot cause the most serious of the construction injuries
  • Common to almost all personal injury claims is not knowing what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and why it is taking so long. Insurance companies specialize in delay. They know well  that the more uncertain and frustrated you are the more likely you are to take what they offer, just so you can get it over with. Don’t let that happen to you. Insist they settle your property damage claim early, complete your medical as necessary, be patient and settle your personal  injury claim when medical care is complete. 


What kind of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

Personal injury lawyers handle accident and injury claims to your person or to your property. It is their job to help you  fairly assess your injuries, encourage you to do the right things to improve your case, prove  the negligence of the tortfeasor, negotiate with the insurance company and their lawyers, file suit if necessary and get the best value possible for personal injury victims. 

When should a personal injury lawyer be used?

A Personal Injury attorney should be consulted when you will benefit with legal advice about injury law. Pain and suffering, lost wages, current and future medical bills, personal injury, property damage, and how to get the best value for your claim are all important things to understand. A good Seattle personal injury lawyer can explain all this and more, and help you obtain a fair result. 

How much does a personal injury attorney cost?

A personal injury attorney from a first class law firm will represent you on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay no money up front, and you  pay no attorney fees at all unless your attorney gets you money. With a successful claim, contingent attorney fees are a percentage of your recovery. For precise details see  contingent attorney fees.  Most Seattle area attorneys charge a similar rate. There are some very good personal injury attorneys in Seattle.  Get a good one. 

Should I talk to the insurance company first?

In an ideal world you would talk to the insurance company first and a lawyer only if necessary. This is not an ideal world. Unrepresented persons are easy prey for skilled insurance adjusters. These adjusters have many times worked over innocent persons who only wanted a fair settlement. They are waiting for your call so they can “become your friend” and help you settle cheaply. The smart plan for you is to first get a free consultation from a personal injury attorney. Don’t feel you have to hire that attorney. Just talk about your injuries and losses. Get some expert advice for free and then with that information you can make decisions about whether it is best for you to talk directly to the insurance company or not. 

What is the statute of limitations in Washington State?

The Statute of Limitations is a time deadline. You have a limited amount of  time to pursue a personal injury claim. Settle your claim or file a lawsuit before it’s too late. 

Different kinds of personal injury claims have different statute of limitations. Most claims for negligence have a 3 year statute of limitations. Job injuries have a 1 year statute of limitations. Other claims may have a different statute of limitations. This is important. Don’t miss your statute of limitations. If you don’t know yours, get legal advice! Statute of Limitations. 

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