How Do I Know Which Insurance Company Should Be Helping Me?

There are a number of ways to look at this.  Here is what I see as a sensible approach. It makes a difference who is at fault and what you are trying to do.

Other Driver at Fault

Want to Fix My Car

  • Look to the other driver’s liability insurance
  • Look to your own collision coverage. Read the policy. Talk to your company.
  • Do you really own your car? If you are financing this car, the bank probably owns it and you simply make payments. If so involve the bank of finance company as you make decisions. If they total your car, understand the consequences of what you are doing if you settle for less than you owe on the car.

Want My Medical Bills Paid

  • Take care of your doctors. They are more helpful when they are getting paid.
  • Look to your own coverage. You may have some or all of these coverages. Which one you choose depends on the facts of your case.
    • PIP Insurance Coverage
    • Med Pay Insurance
    • Your Health Insurance
    • L&I coverage if this was a job injury
  • Look to the Other Drivers Liability Insurance
  • If there is no insurance coverage for your medical bills consider paying the bills yourself, asking the doctor to wait, getting help from a social service agency, find a patient assistance program, or consider a medical lien.

Want a Fair Settlement

  • Look to the other driver’s liability insurance. Know what you’re doing before you talk to these guys.
  • If the other driver has no insurance or not enough insurance, then look to your UM/UIM policy.
  • Think about other liable parties; is someone else liable? Talk to a lawyer, this is what they get paid to do – come up with good ideas in tough situations.

I Was a Passenger

  • Passengers are usually in a favorable legal situation. They can look to their own driver’s insurance or the other driver’s insurance.

I was a Pedestrian

  • I hope you are OK. Vehicle/pedestrian accidents can be painful. Look to the other drivers PIP, your health insurance, L&I coverage, or your PIP.

Accident Was My Fault

Want to Fix My Car

  • Look to your own collision coverage
  • Do you actually own your car? If it is bank financed, then they have an interest in what you are doing. Get them involved.
  • Check out What About My Crumpled Car

Want My Medical Bills Paid

  • Look for your own insurance such as PIP, MedPay, Health Insurance, L&I.
  • If none, pay it yourself or get help from a social service agency

I am a Pedestrian

  • Being an at fault pedestrian in an accident is no fun. Insurance coverage may be available from the drivers PIP, your health insurance, L&I coverage or other policies.

I’m Being Sued

  • Contact your liability insurer
  • If none, talk to a lawyer

Accident Is the Fault of Both Drivers

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