Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Personal Injury Case?

That Depends on Your Situation.

Easy case with no complications?

  • You probably don’t need a lawyer.

Tough case with plenty of complications?

You should consider the following important questions which may influence your decision:

  • Can you afford to lose it all?
  • Are your injuries serious?
  • Are you comfortable negotiating with an insurance adjuster about your case?
  • Can you prove liability?
  • Are your accident related medical concerns handled?
  • Did you get a fair settlement for your vehicle damage?
  • Do you know what your case is worth?
  • Can you hold out long enough to get a fair personal injury settlement?
  • Is the statute of limitations a concern?
  • Is subrogation an issue in your case?
  • Have you given up a recorded statement to the insurance agency?
  • Do you need to hire an accident reconstructionist?
  • Did you take helpful photos?
  • Can you put a value on your pain and suffering?
  • Do you post things on social media which may not look good in court?

If you are still uncertain about hiring a lawyer, then give us a phone call and we can talk about it.

How to get a Free Consultation and Case Evaluation.

There are 4 different ways you can get a free initial consultation. Take your choice:

  1. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form below
  2. Call / text: (206) 343-1988
  3. Email us:

We usually reply to forms, texts, and emails within 1 business day.

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The Smart Way to Find Out If You Have a Good Case.

Get a free consultation from a lawyer: Tell us about your concerns and let us show you some smart choices you can make for your claim. At the end of the call, no matter what you decide to do, you will have fresh ideas and an action plan. You will know that you have taken important steps to get your claim moving in the right direction. Protect yourself and your L&I or Personal Injury claim with a free case consultation.

Don't Guess

Don't guess about the value of your claim. Don't compare your claim to someone else's. Get an expert opinion about your claim, from an experienced lawyer. Expertise counts, so use it to your advantage. Consultations are free. This strategy session will help you get informed.

Are Attorney Consultations Really Free?

Yes, they are. Because both you and the attorney want to know if your case is any good. A free phone consultation or email gets that figured out quickly.  Questions are answered and no time is wasted. Call 206-343-1988 or email and let us help you figure it out with a free consultation.

Chris Sharpe

Meet Chris Sharpe

Christopher Sharpe is the go to attorney for injured persons. His law firm is helpful, honest, and knowledgeable about workers' compensation and personal injury law in the State of Washington. Chris has been helping injured Washington State workers for over 40 years. He has built a successful law practice by thoroughly educating, honestly helping, and successfully representing workers throughout Washington State.

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