Client Testimonials for Sharpe Law Firm

I really appreciated my discussion with Cheryl. I was very hesitant to file an appeal with the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals because it seemed to be something that required more knowledge than I have. She listened to my concerns, gave me some tips on accessing the L&I claim files, and actually sent me an email with a couple of suggestions for allowing the claim. I filed this morning and feel that at least I will have done everything I can. Again, thanks to Cheryl and Sharpe Law Firm.


Your website under promises and over delivers on the professional and welcoming representation available. My contact with Cheryl and Stacey confirmed my decision to contact your office. I really do believe you care. It was obvious from the time and attention I received today during my call. My good experience began with you, although we’ve never spoken, the website speaks from your heart. Thank you

Mark J.

These are great people! I went to them in 05 for help dealing with L&I. Since then they have helped me a lot. They did what they said they would. Lets face it when bad stuff happens sometimes you just need real help. Sharpe Law is the real deal. Go to them to get the job done right.

Thomas T. – Renton, WA

I will give you my short story. You decide. I was injured in August 2000.  Surgery 11/28/01. Denied EVERY thing I applied for. I couldn’t even get FOOD STAMPS.  Eventually, I became bankrupt. Signed up with Sharpe Law firm 6/11/02. Sharpe Law Firm worked hard for 3 years to cut through all the  hoops and denials. They stood by me ALL the way! They found smart Doctors and ALL testing done without using “company Doctors”! I did not know what to due next or where to go. I would have fallen thru the cracks if I had not found Sharpe Law Firm. I may not be able to work now, but, I will not starve or go homeless either! I would be proud to call ALL of the employees of Sharpe Law Firm FRIENDS!!!

Mike N. – Vancouver, WA

The Sharpe Law Firm helped me get a pension after three different lawyers told me I would never get one because L&I was too difficult to fight. Finally a lawyer I met suggested I should contact the Sharpe Law Firm. I went and met Chris Sharpe that very day, he talked about my case and right there he picked up the phone and called L&I and got my case reopened and started working toward getting me a pension. My L&I check was pretty small (around $450.00) so the money wasn’t his total reason for helping me. Here I was hurt and couldn’t work and I felt really helpless. But my initial meeting with Chris calmed most of my fears and put me to ease. With his recommendation I did see two or three different doctors; he wanted new tests and their opinions. As I recall, the testing took about 6 months but it was well worth it. I have been getting a monthly pension check for about 19 years now. I receive my check once a month and it is always on time; the office staff knows how important it is for me and others to live, so they always get my money out to me the day after they process it. My low back surgery didn’t totally cure me. I still have some pain and sleepless nights but this is now tolerable because there is some peace of mind knowing Chris Sharpe is looking after my rights. I have nothing but good things to say about the Sharpe Law Firm. They did the seemingly impossible. They now are like family to me.

Jo G. – Packwood, WA

On Mother’s Day 1996, I was injured on the job (a spinal cord and closed head injury.) Shortly thereafter, I drifted away into a whirling confusion of loss of control over my physical, mental and emotional self. Because of this my family deserted me and I was left alone to cope with what remained of my painful rage-filled existence. The only thing that was constant in those days was continuing economic, physical and emotional losses. I waited and longed for the ultimate loss; the release from the burden of living. As a hopeless and desperate act I finally reached out to old friends who referred me to the Sharpe Law Firm. Like all of us caught up in the legal system surrounding on-the-job-injuries, I wanted an immediate resolution. With legal help, medical assistance became available and I no longer had to deal directly with Labor and Industries. The Sharpe Law Firm immediately provided a purpose and direction in both my life and the progress of my case. The hope I felt in my heart at the first meeting turned into final resolution in just a few weeks. Today I live on a comfortable pension. With this financial security I have been able to establish a new and rewarding life. For me, it is clear that my recovery began the afternoon I met with representatives of the Sharpe Law Firm. This opportunity is available to you.

Gary C. – Goldbar, WA

Thank you for all you do. I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet without the pension you helped me receive.

Bonnie G. – Poulsbo, WA

I called today to thank the Sharpe Law Firm for their time in answering my questions in my three calls. I was able to conclude my claim with L&I with success. I handled it without an attorney however the questions I asked Sharpe Law Firm in my calls gave me clarity with respect to my search by way of the internet. Thank you.

Unknown Caller

Thank you for your assistance regarding RCW51.32.225 and connecting me with the L&I offset branch. I talked to Patricia Richardson at L&I, who informed me there would be no reduction in my time loss benefits.  I appreciate your time and help.

William L.

Very professional good experience and very happy.

Brandon H.

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