I Do Not Have a Driver’s License. I was in an Auto Accident.

I am at fault and I have no license, what happens?

  • Civil – Because you are at fault for the accident, you are responsible to pay for the damages you caused. Not having a license doesn’t change things much in civil court.
  • Criminal – You could have a problem. A police officer could write you a ticket at the scene or at a later date. Not having a license on your person, not having a license, and driving with a suspended or revoked license are various infractions and misdemeanor charges which can be brought against a driver without a license.

If I am not at fault and have no license.

  • Civil – Not a civil court problem. You can still win a civil lawsuit and/or settle your insurance case with a good result.
  • Criminal – You could have a problem. A police officer could write you a ticket a the scene or at a later time.

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