Trust your gut. If work is making you sick, we can help.

Who is the Sharpe Law Firm?

We are a workers compensation law firm that helps persons injured on the job. We never represent the employer. We never represent L&I. We represent the little guy in his or her fight with L&I and self-insured corporations.

The Sharpe Law Firm provides free information and answers to your questions in Seattle and Washington State.

We provide information – lots of it, on this website, by email, and over the phone. We provide information so you can learn about L&I law and procedure. This information is free of charge. If you want a copy of your L&I file we’ll get it for you, or show you how you can get it yourself for free.

If you want specific help with your claimwe will talk with you about your claim and what you can do to improve things. We will not charge you any money for this consultation.

We  provide information and consultations at no cost to you because we believe in access to justice.  If you want to learn more about your claim, or how to proceed, or what to expect – Contact Us We are here to help.

We provide legal advice and referrals

We provide answers to your questions. If you want legal advice specific to your L&I claim, we will do our best to give you that free advice. If you want to hire a lawyer we may offer to take your case.  Christopher Sharpe is the of counsel attorney at the Walthew Law Firm. Callers asking for active legal representation will have the opportunity to speak with the partners and associates of the Walthew Law Firm.

How we get paid

We get paid if we take your case. If you only want information it is free. We don’t get paid for initial consultations, strategy sessions or phone advice. We want you to have this free information because we believe you should not have to pay for legal information.

Later if you want us to take your case and be your lawyers  and we so agree, we may take your case, or refer you to a law firm better situated to help. We exclusively use a contingency fee agreement. This agreement says attorney fee’s are paid only if we are successful in obtaining benefits for you and then only out of the money we recover for you. Before you ever agree to legal representation you will be able to read, review, say yes or no and ask questions about the contingency attorney fee agreement.

Why haven’t you called us yet?

Here is our contact information. The next step is yours. If you want a better result in your L&I claim.  Contact us – no cost to you

What’s Next?