You don't have to hire a lawyer to get a little good legal advice.

This Is Us

We are a private law firm that helps injured workers. We never represent the employer. We never represent L&I. We represent the little guy in his or her fight with L&I and self-insured corporations.

How We Help

We answer your questions

We provide information – lots of it, on this website, by email, and over the phone. We provide information so you can learn about L&I law and procedure. This information is free of charge. If you need specific help with your claim we’ll talk to you about that for free as well. If you need a copy of your L&I file we’ll get it for you, or tell you how you can get it yourself for free. We  do all of this at no cost to you because we are just talking to you about your case.  If you need advice on how to proceed or what to expect – Contact Us We are here to help.

We provide legal advice and referrals

If you need legal advice specific to your L&I claim, we may choose to give you some free advice and/or we may take your case or we may refer you to the Walthew Law Firm. Christopher Sharpe is the “of counsel” attorney at that law firm. He refers L&I clients needing active legal representation to the partners and associates at the Walthew Law Firm.

How we get paid

We don’t get paid for initial consultations or phone advice. This is a free service we provide if you are looking for L&I information.

Later if you want us to continue to help, and we agree, we may take your case or send you to another law firm who takes your case. If so you would be asked to sign a contingency fee agreement. This agreement will say attorney fee’s are paid only if we are successful in obtaining benefits for you and only out of the money recovered for you. Before you ever agree to legal representation you will be able to read, review, and ask questions about the contingency attorney fee agreement.

What’s Next?