Who Is The Sharpe Law Firm?

We are a Seattle Workers Compensation Law Firm.

Everyday we help persons who could use some advice figuring out their L&I claim.  We focus on answering your questions and sharing information so you can better understand L&I law and procedure. We never represent the employer. We never represent L&I. We are passionate about helping the injured workers in Washington State in their fight with L&I and self-insured corporations.

Who is Chris Sharpe?

Chris Sharpe is a five star lawyer and the go to attorney for injured persons. The Sharpe Law Firm is helpful, honest, and knowledgeable about workers’ compensation and personal injury law in the State of Washington. For more than three decades, Chris Sharpe has been a proven winner, exclusively represented the little guy against the Department of Labor and Industries and corporate giants.

The L&I system shortchanges injured workers of Washington State. Chris stands shoulder to shoulder with his associates and their clients to make sure that each client receives every dollar they deserve. Chris is a workers comp veteran. He is pleased to be able to share workers’ compensation knowledge and give back to the community by making this information free. Chris believes in access to justice. Chris will not tolerate L&I or the self-insured messing with the rights of injured workers. He limits his law practice to L&I Workers Compensation and Personal Injury. More info – See L&I Attorney Chris Sharpe 

Who is Cheryl Klahn?

Cheryl is the chief paralegal and legal assistant for the Sharpe Law Firm. She began her career in the Washington Workers’ Compensation field in 1986 working for employers and their third-party administrators. She gained valuable experience working with a variety of employment areas, to include the construction industry, health care workers, and production work environments. Her work for the other side of 20 years gives Cheryl an understanding of how L&I and employers think and helps her get our clients the best result. She knows workers compensation. She is waiting for your phone call.

We Have Helped Thousands of Injured Workers Get Their L&I Benefits for:

At the Sharpe Law Firm We Believe in Access to Justice. We Provide Free Information and Answers to Your Washington State L&I Questions. 

Information will help you make smart decisions – We have information, lots of it, on this website, by email, and over the phone. We provide information so you can learn about how to take care of yourself as you move through the L&I system. This information is free of charge.

Want a copy of your claim file? If you want a copy of your L&I file we’ll show you how you can get it yourself for free.

We provide answers to your questions. If you have questions about your claim we will consult with you and suggest what you can do to improve things. Just ask. Our consultations are free of charge.

We  provide information and consultations at no cost to you because we believe in access to justice.  If you want to learn more about your claim, how to proceed, or what to expect – Contact Us

If you want legal advice specific to your L&I claim, we offer a free consultation and personalized strategy session. If you need or want to hire a lawyer talk to us.  Christopher Sharpe is the of counsel attorney at the Walthew Law Firm. Callers asking for active legal representation will have the opportunity to speak with the partners and associates at the Walthew Law Firm.

Thank you for all you do. I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet without the pension you helped me receive.

 –  Bonnie G., Poulsbo, WA,

Contingency Fee Agreement

Contingency fees provide access to justice. Persons who cannot afford to pay legal fees up front can still get first rate legal help. We exclusively use a contingency fee agreement. This agreement says attorney fee’s are paid only if we obtain benefits for you, and then only out of the money we recover for you.

Before you ever agree to legal representation you will be able to read, review, say yes or no and ask questions about the contingency attorney fee agreement.

Want More Information?

How to get a Free Consultation and Case Evaluation.

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The Smart Way to Find Out If You Have a Good Case.

Get a free consultation from a lawyer: Tell us about your concerns and let us show you some smart choices you can make for your claim. At the end of the call, no matter what you decide to do, you will have fresh ideas and an action plan. You will know that you have taken important steps to get your claim moving in the right direction. Protect yourself and your L&I or Personal Injury claim with a free case consultation.

Don't Guess

Don't guess about the value of your claim. Don't compare your claim to someone else's. Get an expert opinion about your claim, from an experienced lawyer. Expertise counts, so use it to your advantage. Consultations are free. This strategy session will help you get informed.

Are Attorney Consultations Really Free?

Yes, they are. Because both you and the attorney want to know if your case is any good. A free phone consultation or email gets that figured out quickly.  Questions are answered and no time is wasted. Call 206-343-1988 or email and let us help you figure it out with a free consultation.

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