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Inspector General Critical of DOE and Penser for their Hanford L&I Claim Handling Procedures

The inspector general is the oversight office with the responsibility to prevent inefficient or illegal operation within the Department of Energy. The IG’s opinion matters. The Inspector General has written a report about how Hanford L&I claims have been handled. The report was released August 2018.

The report findings are:

  • The department of Energy does not have effective processes, procedures, and controls over the workers’ compensation program at Hanford.
  • DOE personnel did not provide proper oversight of complex L&I claims.
  • DOE did not make Penser send complete files to L&I
  • DOE at Hanford site was not providing their injured workers with a trustworthy compensation program.

Our Hanford workers have given their lives and health in service to America. They daily deal with deadly materials. They deserve better from the Department of Energy of the Federal Government.

Here is a link to this report:  DOE Criticized at Hanford

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