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Western State Nurses Deserve Protection

The Seattle Times editorial board got it right in their recent Culture Change Needed at Western State piece of April 10, 2016 Their critical look at Western State shines a much needed light on the dark practice of failing to protect  the nurses, psychiatric technicians, counselors, doctors, and other workers from workplace violence. Intimidation and […]

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Boeing Layoff’s & Job Injuries

Looks like another round of layoff’s for Boeing employees. Here is information about how a layoff affects you and your L&I claim. CLAIM BASICS Beginners L&I Claim Guide TYPES OF CLAIMS Injuries Occupational Disease LAYOFF STATUS Layoffs and L&I Claims WATCH OUT FOR Eleven Things That Can Ruin Your Claim Claims Suppression of L&I/Workers’ Compensation […]

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Don’t let Facebook ruin your workers compensation claim

You have suffered an on the job injury and filed a workers compensation claim. Maybe you’ve had surgery and are off work.  You’ve got time on your hands while you heal, so you update and post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. At first the posts share how miserable you are, and you show pictures […]

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Maximum Time Loss and Pension Rates

Maximum time loss and pension rates were not capped by the 2011 COLA freeze. This is good news for some high wage employees, on timeloss or pension since 7/1/2011.  The good news arises from the case of Crabb v. DLI successfully argued by attorney David Lauman L&I has started to issue the underpayments owed to injured […]

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Did your husband take his last breath with this?

Hundreds of people die each year from chronic asthmatic conditions caused by air pollution at work.  Respirable silica is considered one of the most toxic.  Dust at dangerous levels is commonly found in wood mills and in wood product fabrication or manufacturing plants. Workers that inhale this poison, over a period of years, can contract […]

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Why wear a hard hat to work when the air you breathe is turning your brain into mush…

Welders, throughout their careers, are often more concerned with protecting their eyes than their heads.  (Not such a bad thing.)  But without trying to sound too cliché that workplace strategy is like having “a nice house, with nobody home”.  This strategy will not protect against a more serious job injury … damage to the brain. […]

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A professional body builder would love a nurse’s daily workout.

During a typical work shift, many hospital staff nurses will lift 20 patients into bed and transfer 5-10 patients from a bed to a chair.  Patients typically weigh well in excess of 100 pounds, so that means a minimum of two thousand five hundred pounds is moved every day.  That’s 12,500 lbs a week, 50,000 […]

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While trying to protect her hands, they screwed up her stomach, lungs, ears, nose, throat…AND HER LIFE.

In her wildest dreams Libby never thought that wearing a simple pair of protective rubber latex gloves would cause her so much grief.  After 20 years of community hospital experience she was diagnosed with an allergy to latex that led to an unbelievable chain of medical woes befitting a tale of “Ripley’s Believe It Or […]

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Airtight, sealed, seamless construction aren’t words you’d normally associate with poison.

However, mobile/prefabricated home builders often associate their confined, restricted and airtight working conditions with the following medical symptoms: coughing, dizziness, vomiting and nosebleeds.  Unfortunately, for most workers, they don’t know that these apparently harmless annoyances can be warning signs of Formaldehyde poisoning! For years manufactured houses, that are fabricated in factories and then transported either […]

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Unfortunately, wood dust can turn into stone…

It all started with a simple sneeze, but Jose didn’t recollect someone saying Gesundheit. However, speaking only Spanish and some broken English, he would have never understood that. As it turns out, he desperately could have used that wish for good health. For fifteen years this Hispanic immigrant worked in a dust filled mill that […]

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Client Letters

These are great people! I went to them in 05 for help dealing with L&I. Since then they have helped me a lot. They did what they said they would. [...]

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