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Shirt collars aren’t the only things turning stiff at the dry cleaners.

The professional look to clothing, with a crisp, classic finish is accomplished with steam, perchloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene and formaldehyde.  Steam opens up a garments’ fibers allowing these chemical solvents (used as stiffeners, wrinkle resisters, water repellents and stain dissolvers) to penetrate the fabric better.  But what’s penetrating dry cleaned clothes may also be creeping into you […]

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Only the dead should be exposed to Formaldehyde…

Most carpet installers don’t realize that the suffocating odor they have been breathing, for years on the job, comes from the same hazardous chemical that morticians use to embalm dead bodies. Formaldehyde is a chemical which gives human remains a “pinkish” glow.  It’s also cited as a primary contributor to indoor air contamination.  This is […]

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I never took a coffee break at work…just “air breaks”…

Tim worked in an enclosed, air-flow restricted 30’ x 10’ x 30’ maskant room where he performed flocoat operations on metal airplane parts.  This procedure required him to spray, from a hose, a semi-solid coating material which was mixed with xylene thinner from 55 gallon barrels.  As a result, heavy fumes would fill this small […]

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Client Letters

I called today to thank the Sharpe Law Firm for their time in answering my questions in my three calls. I was able to conclude my claim with L&I w [...]

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