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Christopher Sharpe - Bellevue L&I & Workers' Comp Lawyer
L&I Lawyer Chris Sharpe.

It’s Your L&I Claim – Take Care of It and Yourself

It’s important to take care of yourself when you have a serious injury in a complicated system. We recommend starting with Beginners Guide to L&I Claims Learn about L&I, and get up to speed.  Make sense out of a complicated system. See how the choices you make will directly affect the outcome of your L&I claim. The information you need is here. Find it and use it.

Your have more control over your L&I claim then you know. What you do now will make a difference.  Get informed. Know your rights. Make smart decisions. Call on us if we can be of assistance.

The Sharpe Law Firm Advises Injured Workers in Seattle WA

We have been fighting for injured workers in Washington State for over thirty years. Chris Sharpe is an experienced Seattle L&I Attorney. He knows what it takes to win a case.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My L&I Claim?

That depends upon your claim. If you your claim is doing well and you are just looking for information – you can get it here for free. Check out our L&I FAQ guide to get answers to many important questions.

If your claim is not working and you don’t know what to do, then Contact us for a free consultation.

If you need legal advise, don’t hesitate to ask. We can tell you if you have a claim and what it will cost to win it. We will help you navigate through the difficulties that Labor and Industries creates.  We will  present options to you at every step of the process. We can meet at our office in Seattle or virtually to talk about your compensation claim.

How Does L&I Work?

In Washington  State the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) manages state fund claims and oversees self-insured claims.

L&I is a no fault system. If you are hurt on the job you should be able to file a claim and get your benefits. Benefits include medical, time loss, vocational training, permanent partial disability settlements, and pensions.

You paid for L&I insurance. If you need it then use it or lose it.

L&I Case Strategy – How to Plan for the Best

Start good L&I claim management by understanding the L&I claim process. L&I claims follow a set pattern. Know and understand where you are in this process. Don’t let the complexity of the system keep you from doing what needs to be done. Learn about L&I law and the policy that is going to affect your claim. Understand, act, and get a good result. L&I Claim Information for Injured Workers.

What Happens If I Hire Sharpe Law Firm?

  • We will manage your claim and get Labor and Industries moving it in the right direction.
  • We will get a copy of your claim file, review it, and share it with you.
  • We will recommend a smart course of action and help make it happen.
  • We will send you to medical experts to help with your recovery and improve the value of your claim.
  • We will get you the benefits you deserve and settle your claim with a good result.

What About Attorney Fees?

I’m glad you asked. We work only on a contingent basis. You only pay us if we get money for you and then only from that money. Here’s how that works Contingent Legal Fee Agreement

What Information Should I be Looking At?

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