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Protest (Request for Reconsideration)

A protest is a written disagreement with an L&I order.

There is a time deadline to protest.

Protests must be sent to L&I in writing within 60 days of when the order was communicated to you. The protest will require L&I to reconsider their decision. The information you put in your written protest must specify that you disagree with the order and are requesting action inconsistent with the decision.

Miss your 60 day deadline and the order becomes Res Judicata.

If you protest in time, then you get to present more evidence and you should get another decision.

Here is what is important Making the protest on time is most important. After a protest is made you have some time to gather or get information to support the reasoning you put in the protest. Said another way: Protest first and get your information when you can.

An example of this:  L&I issues an order cutting off time loss. You ask your

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