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Should I Do This?

  • What? Are you kidding? Of course, you should. This could be the answer to your prayers for medical and financial help. There have been too many years of suffering. Hanford Workers and their families have been given a new law. A law that will help alleviate that suffering. You owe it to yourself to do this.

My Husband or Wife Died Because of Working at Hanford. Will This New Law Help Me?

L&I law for many years has allowed a spouse to file an application for compenstion even after the death of the worker RCW 51.28.025. For injuries there is a short one year SOL . However for occupational diseases, the SOL is longer and may never begin to run. This means the spouse can often file a claim even many years after their husband or wife’s death.

In addition this new law will further help spouses. It allows the filing of a new claim for claims previously denied by order.

The benefits of a successful application can be quite generous. If you have a claim on behalf of a spouse, then file it. If you want legal help, then get it. Contact Us.

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