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L&I Claims- A Complete Guide to Job Injuries for Beginners

My L&I Claim Has a Problem

Welcome to the club.  Many L&I claims have problems. To solve L&I problems be smart about the decisions you make.

  • Be clear about your claim problem(s)
  • Read about the laws and regulations that control those problems
  • Learn about your rights
  • Make smart decisions and take action likely to solve the problem
  • Look over this page carefully and find links to the information that will help your L&I claim.

Hurt on the Job – What Do I Do?

  • See a doctor
  • File an L&I claim
  • Secure time loss
  • Continue your medical care and get well
  • Return to work or get vocational training
  • Settle your L&I claim

How To File an L&I Claim in Washington State if You are Hurt at Work

Claim filing is simple. After you have had a job injury or occupational exposure, you see the doctor and in his office you and he together fill out the Report of Accident (ROA) form. The doctor should have the forms and file this paperwork. The important part is to see a doctor who listens, cares about your situation, and wants to help with your L&I claim.

You Have a Choice of Doctors

  • Under RCW 51.36.010 the worker is entitled to free choice of treating provider.  This is important! You do not have to use the doctor or work clinic your employer recommends.  
  • Understand this: the doctor who files your claim if he or she continues to treat you will be your attending physician. The attending physician has a lot of say about how much help you are going to get while you are injured. Pick your own doctor carefully. Pick the wrong doctor and you will be sorry.
  • Before you get started ask the doctor’s office if they take L&I claims and treat L&I patients. Some don’t. If they don’t, then find another doctor. Choice of Physician

Be Careful About Some Doctor’s Offices

  • See the wrong doctor and he or she will ruin your claim.

How Do I Win My L&I Case?

  • Pay attention to L&I orders and other claim information. Take appropriate action. Protest or appeal incorrect decisions.
  • Get professional advice from an L&I lawyer. We offer a free consultation. We’ll tell you what you can do, and give you ideas about how to do it.

L&I Benefits

Getting Healthy and Back to Work

L&I Claim Basics

Timely filing of your claim is very important. Not all L&I claims are the same. The information below will help.

Watch Out For This

L&I claims are complex.  Read this for ideas on what to do and how to avoid a mistake.

What if I Need Legal Help?

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