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Income Verification Letter for L&I Pensioners

We are frequently requested to write an income verification letter for our clients.  They wish to buy or finance a purchase. The seller wants assurances that they will get paid.

Income verification can also be used for low income benefits such as housing and utility service discounts. We write the letter for our clients.  Labor and Industries will also send you an income verification letter.

What follows is a sample letter we use to help our pensioners, if and when they so request. Feel free to use and modify this as appropriate to your factual situation.

To Whom It May Concern:

We represent  ________________ for their Department of Labor & Industries pension claim.

The gross payment to ______________is __________ each month.  This is a Washington State Department of Labor and Industries permanent total disability pension claim.  They will receive this pension for the rest of their life, so long as they do not return to substantial, gainful employment.

The pension benefits received from the Department of Labor and Industries are not subject to taxes.  The Department of Labor and Industries does not provide any year end tax statement or summary of the benefits paid.

You may call me if you have questions or if I can supply you with additional information.

Yours truly,

         Christopher Sharpe


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