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L&I Lawyer and Attorney

Can a Washington State L&I Attorney Help Me?

Its a cost/benefit analysis. Is the benefit of an attorney worth the cost? With good information about lawyers and attorneys, you can figure this out and decide for yourself.

Free Information about L&I Law and Benefits

We know you are looking for legal information and you may not want to hire an attorney right now. We can help.

Talk to an Attorney or Legal Assistant at No Charge. It Will Cost You Nothing. 

  • We are available during business hours to talk to you
  • We can look at your L&I file and talk to you about what we see in there
  • We can tell you if you need a lawyer, or not
  • Call us.   We Answer Phone Calls  8am-5pm. You call us and we will talk to you about your case and answer your questions for free.
  • Here is our phone number: 206+-343-1988. You can also Contact Us by email.

Referrals to Free Services – Most people who contact us don’t need a lawyer and we are quick to tell them so. We make referrals to non-legal help services if that’s all it takes to get the job done.

Legal Representation

If you need to have an attorney to make your claim work, we’ll talk to you about that. If you would benefit from a referral to a lawyer consider it done.

Contingent Legal Fees

All clients want to know about lawyer fees. So let us handle that right now. We charge only contingent fees because we only take cases we believe in. If we get you money, then we get paid out of that. No money recovered means no attorney fee’s. Period.

Experienced L&I Legal Help

We speak L&I, and we do it in plain english.   The Sharpe Law Firm is passionate about protecting the rights of injured workers. We are proven winners, with a passion for protecting our clients. For 30 plus years Attorney Christopher Sharpe has helped thousands of workers through the difficult L&I system. We know exactly what to do to help you. We feel your pain. We are here to help you.

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