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Take Care of Yourself After an Injury – Understand What You Need to Do!

  • Get information to help you with your L&I claim – If you sustain a workplace injury in WA state, You will benefit from understanding L&I claim law..
  • Will L&I Help? – Don’t count on L&I to help. Don’t count on L&I to inform you of your rights. Count on delay and confusion. You’ll need to deal with L&I for all claim-related matters. Learn how to do that. 
  • Know what to do and when to do it – You need to make critical decisions about your L&I claim and you don’t have unlimited time to do so. After you injury, find out what steps to take and get it done. 
  • Get your claim on track so you can pay your bills and provide for your family – The sooner you make good decisions about your L&I claim the sooner you get paid. Get workers compensation benefits for lost wages (time loss), settlement, and/or permanent partial disability depending on the nature of your injury.
  • Figure out how to DIY or hire a Bellevue Workers Comp Attorney – Many L&I claims can be handled on your own. Know your rights so you’re equipped to make the right decisions. If you have any questions, reach out to Chris Sharpe, an L&I Attorney who offers a free consultation.

What is a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

A claimant’s workers compensation attorney works on behalf of injured workers. A lawyer in Washington State that’s experienced in this type of law is an L&I lawyer. Workers’ compensation Attorneys charge contingency fees so you only pay attorney fees if you get paid.

A work injury lawyer is experienced in L&I claims and knowledgeable about the difficulties and uncertainties which you will face with your state of Washington L&I claim.

Will L&I Help Me? 

L&I is supposed to fairly manage your claim. That includes informing you of your rights and giving you benefits on time. 

For many injured workers – that does not happen. For many there will be delays and confusion. 

Don’t let L&I ignore you or push you around. Stand up for yourself or hire someone who will do that for you. 

How the Sharpe Law Firm Helps Injured Workers

We work hard for our clients in Bellevue and all across Washington State to maximize compensation benefits. We’re with you every step of the way, from filing your L&I claim to disagreeing with L&I decisions.

We help by listening to your concerns and answering your questions. If your injury is temporary, we’ll help you get time loss quickly so you survive until you return to work. In the unfortunate event that your injury will last a lifetime, we’ll help you navigate your options for long term workers compensation benefits.

We know you are looking for helpful information. We have hundreds of pages you may wish to review. Here are links which might interest you.

Should I Hire an L&I Lawyer?

It’s a cost/benefit analysis. Is the cost of an attorney worth the benefit you will get for that? With good information about Washington State L&I law, policy, and benefits, you can figure this out and decide for yourself. That information is here for you to consider. Check it out. Get informed. Know that the choices you make today will make a difference for you and your family tomorrow.

Why Call the Sharpe Law Firm for a Bellevue Workers Compensation Claim?

We will help you. We provide information and answer your questions. Tell us about your work injury. We know what questions to ask to find out how much workers compensation you’re entitled to.

We are practicing law with a virtual office for your convenience and safety. Get a free consultation virtually from your home. We are here to help Washington State workers know their rights and get workers compensation.

We can help you get a copy of your workers compensation claim file from L&I. This information is critical to finding out where your claim stands, whether you’ve submitted the right information, the results of any medical or IME decisions, and where your claim is at in the process.

How Much Does a Work Injury Attorney Charge?

At the Sharpe Law Firm

  • Phone advice is free
  • If we take your case, we charge contingent fees
  • If no money is recovered for you, then no attorney’s fees are charged – Guaranteed

Your Work Injury Lawyer For Washington State L&I Claims

Attorney Chris Sharpe is a helpful and effective 5 star Washington State L&I attorney. He has helped hundreds of injured workers win their workers compensation claims. Contact Chris before it is too late so you can maximize your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

Chris Sharpe will not tolerate L&I messing with his client’s benefits. Washington state workers are entitled to compensation if they are injured at work. That is prescribed by state laws. The Department of Labor & Industries will do everything they can not to pay you if you let them. Schedule a free consultation to review your claim and plan for the future.

What to Do If Your L&I Claim is Rejected or Closed

How to Contact Bellevue L&I

  • If you want to try this on your own, here is how to contact them in Bellevue. 

How to get a Free Consultation and Case Evaluation.

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The Smart Way to Find Out If You Have a Good Case.

Get a free consultation from a lawyer: Tell us about your concerns and let us show you some smart choices you can make for your claim. At the end of the call, no matter what you decide to do, you will have fresh ideas and an action plan. You will know that you have taken important steps to get your claim moving in the right direction. Protect yourself and your L&I or Personal Injury claim with a free case consultation.

Don't Guess

Don't guess about the value of your claim. Don't compare your claim to someone else's. Get an expert opinion about your claim, from an experienced lawyer. Expertise counts, so use it to your advantage. Consultations are free. This strategy session will help you get informed.

Are Attorney Consultations Really Free?

Yes, they are. Because both you and the attorney want to know if your case is any good. A free phone consultation or email gets that figured out quickly.  Questions are answered and no time is wasted. Call 206-343-1988 or email and let us help you figure it out with a free consultation.

Chris Sharpe

Meet Chris Sharpe

Christopher Sharpe is the go to attorney for injured persons. His law firm is helpful, honest, and knowledgeable about workers' compensation and personal injury law in the State of Washington. Chris has been helping injured Washington State workers for over 40 years. He has built a successful law practice by thoroughly educating, honestly helping, and successfully representing workers throughout Washington State.

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