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Permanent Partial Disability Award Charts

How Does an L&I Permanent Partial Disability Settlement Work?

To get a settlement you need an open claim which is ready to close, you  must be working or found to be employable,  your medical care needs to be at maximum medical improvement, and you need an impairment rating. For details and information about getting a better settlement see: Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) L&I Settlement In Washington StateL&I Settlement Amounts for Washington State Labor and Industries Claims.

The Settlement Calculator – L&I PPD Charts.

The charts change every year. L&I PPD charts start on July 1st and end on June 30th. To find your chart click on the correct date range for your date of injury. Our charts go back to July 1996. For a previous date of injury, contact us.

List of Charts by Date of Injury

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