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L&I Claims – Detailed Guide to Starting an L&I Claim

File an L&I Claim

Claim filing is simple. After you have had a job injury or occupational exposure, you see the doctor and in his office you and he both fill out the Report of Accident (ROA) form. The doctor should file this paperwork. The important part is to see a doctor who listens, cares about your situation, and wants to help with your L&I claim, and who will file the claim for you.

Be Careful About Some Doctor’s Offices

  • Under RCW 51.36.010 the worker is entitled to free choice of treating provider.  You do not have to use your employers recommended occupational work clinic as your attending physician.  This is important! The attending physician has a lot of say about how much help you are going to get while you are injured. Pick your own doctor carefully.
  • Before you get started ask the doctor’s office if they take L&I claims and treat L&I patients. Some don’t. If they don’t, then find another doctor.
  • Double check on your way out that they have filed a report of injury for you. Get the claim number.
  • Be extra careful if the doctor’s office wants your health insurance information.
    • For some doctor’s offices this is simply a back up and their having this information is okay.
    • Some doctor’s don’t like L&I claims and will try and bill your health insurance. Don’t let this happen. This is wrong could be a big problem for you if an L&I claim is not filed.

L&I Claim Basics

Timely filing of your claim(s) is what’s important. Not all L&I claims are the same. The information below will help.

Types Of L&I Claims

L&I claims come in two varieties, injuries and occupational diseases. It helps to know which you have.

Watch Out For

Mistakes with your L&I claim can be fatal. Read this for ideas on how to avoid a mistake.

What’s Next?