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Cancer Coverage Has Special Rules For Hanford Workers

The new law applies to all cancer claims. However the presumption part of the law only applies to cancer if a qualifying medical exam was previously given.

  • The presumption for the cancer portion of the new law has a special requirement. The cancer presumption only applies to a worker who were given a qualifying medical examination upon becoming a Hanford site worker, which examination showed no evidence of cancer. If so, then the presumption applies to the cancers listed below.

Which cancers are covered under the new presumption?

  •  leukemia
  •  primary or secondary lung cancer, including bronchi and trachea, sarcoma of the lung,
    other than in situ lung cancer discovered during or after a postmortem examination,
    but not including mesothelioma or pleura cancer;
  • primary or secondary bone cancer (including specific forms listed in the bill);
  • primary or secondary renal cancer;
  • lymphomas, other than Hodgkin’s disease;
  • Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia and mycosis fungoides; and
  • primary cancer of the:
    • thyroid;
    • male or female breast;
    • esophagus;
    • stomach;
    • pharynx;
    • small intestine;
    • pancreas;
    • bile ducts;
    • gall bladder;
    • salivary gland;
    • urinary bladder;
    • brain (with certain limitations);
    • colon;
    • ovary; and
    • liver (with certain limitations).

What if there was no qualifying medical exam, or what if I have a cancer not on this list? 

You can still file or refile an occupational disease claim. Your claim will be more of a challenge because the helpful legal presumption will not apply.

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