Fall Protection Saves Lives

It’s fall in the Northwest, but I’m not talking about umbrellas for fall protection.

Fall protection at work saves lives and cuts down on workers compensation claims.  Employers are required to protect workers

  • From falling off structures
  • From collapse of weak structures
  • From unprotected edges, opening, and holes

Safety devices such as railings and nets need to be available and used around dangerous conditions.

Ladder safety is another important area where fall protection is necessary.  See OSHA Fact Sheet about preventing falls.

Residential construction is a place where too many falls occur.  Leading edge workers need to be protected from the dangers they face daily.  See OSHA Reducing Falls During Residential Construction.

If call protection is not properly handled, then workers compensation and third-party claims will result.  See  Construction Site Injuries and Third Party Claims.

If you suffer injuries from a fall at work file a Workers Compensation claim with the Department of Labor and Industries.   Here is a guide on how to file a claim in Washington. Filing an L&I Claim.


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