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I never took a coffee break at work…just “air breaks”…

Spray Painter Tim worked in an enclosed, air-flow restricted 30’ x 10’ x 30’ maskant room where he performed flocoat operations on metal airplane parts.  This procedure required him to spray, from a hose, a semi-solid coating material which was mixed with xylene thinner from 55 gallon barrels.  As a result, heavy fumes would fill this small room.

While performing this task Tim often felt light-headed and would experience a sense of prominent inebriation.  He would frequently have to take “air breaks” because of his shortness of breath. When Tim inquired whether wearing personal protective equipment, like a respirator, was necessary in the maskant room, he was informed that “respirators were not typically used in that area”.

Unfortunately, his experience landed him more assigned hours in the maskant room until he was spending entire work-shifts flocoating.  His continued exposure to xylene, toluene and other chemicals resulted in his development of irritant induced occupational asthma.  Tim became completely disabled with regard to returning to work due to his asthmatic condition.

Absolutely no one should be working, on a daily basis, where they experience reactions to chemicals on the job.  Xylene, toluene, perchloroethylene and naphtha are just a few of a long list of chemicals used in the application of flocoating.  If you are experiencing any adverse health conditions from what you feel has been exposure to toxic chemicals at work give us a call.  Our phone consultation is free.

Answering questions about your current working and health condition is important to us.  Helping workers’ understand their legal rights is what we do.

Workers’ Compensation …… it’s our thing.

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