Did your husband take his last breath with this?

Asthma InhalerHundreds of people die each year from chronic asthmatic conditions caused by air pollution at work.  Respirable silica is considered one of the most toxic.  Dust at dangerous levels is commonly found in wood mills and in wood product fabrication or manufacturing plants. Workers that inhale this poison, over a period of years, can contract an occupational disease and may even die from respiratory failure.

Francisco was such a victim.  He was a Philippine immigrant worker who labored in a dust filled mill that manufactured garage doors from treated wood.  During his fifteen long years of employment he often worked without breathing protection of any kind.  He eventually wore a simple dust mask, provided by his company, but even then he wasn’t allowed to replace it until it was “good and black”.

Francisco experienced a horrible suffocating death due to respiratory failure occasioned by contracting Red Cedar Asthma.  He left a grieving widow who was unaware of her rights to obtain benefits because of his death.  Eventually our firm successfully won a pension for her based on Francisco’s occupational disease claim.

Francisco died from an occupational disease…one that could have been avoided.  If you suspect that an occupational disease may have been the reason for the demise of your loved one…or if you don’t understand what occupational diseases are…give us a call. We can help you with your questions and concerns.

We helped Francisco’s widow and we can help you. We know and can recognize the working conditions that caused your loss and we can explain them to you.  Laboring in wood mills, wood fabrication and/or wood manufacturing plants can be dangerous if not deadly.  Give us a call and let us explain your legal rights. Calling us is a start toward helping you get what you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation…..It’s our thing.

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