Airtight, sealed, seamless construction aren’t words you’d normally associate with poison.

Modular Home FactoryHowever, mobile/prefabricated home builders often associate their confined, restricted and airtight working conditions with the following medical symptoms: coughing, dizziness, vomiting and nosebleeds.  Unfortunately, for most workers, they don’t know that these apparently harmless annoyances can be warning signs of Formaldehyde poisoning!

For years manufactured houses, that are fabricated in factories and then transported either in whole or in segments, have been a significant source of formaldehyde exposure for workers across the State of Washington.  Why is the exposure so high among mobile home builders?  Because these homes are built with large amounts of high-emitting pressed wood products treated with the dangerous chemical Formaldehyde. (Particle board and medium density fiberboard (MDF) are two of the major sources of formaldehyde emissions.)

Highly dangerous working conditions exist when employees are required to work confined in relatively small interior spaces without proper air ventilation and with dangerous chemical fumes.  This dangerous work site situation still exists today despite established government work safety regulations.

You have a right to a safe place to work.  If you’ve been exposed to harmful chemical fumes, outgases or emissions at work and you have medical symptoms as a result, give us a call and we’ll explain your legal rights.  Our free phone consultation without obligation is the perfect way to have your questions answered.

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