Fall Protection Saves Lives

It’s fall in the Northwest, but I’m not talking about umbrellas for fall protection. Fall protection at work saves lives and cuts down on workers compensation claims.  Employers are required to protect workers From falling off structures From collapse of weak structures From unprotected edges, opening, and holes Safety devices such as railings and nets …

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Nurses (At Last) Get Fair Overtime and Break Rules

Nurses and hospital workers are finally set to get fair break and overtime rules. The new law requiring hospitals to schedule meal and rest breaks. Previous law allowed for intermittant breaks, which all to often never happened. The new law will make meal and rest breaks mandatory. The law goes into effect January 1, 2020 …

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2017 Minimum Wage Announced

In Washington State, each year the Department of Labor and Industries calculates the state minimum wage. Washington’s minimum wage for 2017 is $11.00 per hour. $9.47 per hour was the minimum wage in Washington in 2016. Minimum wage in this country is set by federal, state, and local jurisdictions. State and local jurisdictions can set a higher …

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