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Money and Medical Benefits for a Hanford L&I Claim


A Hanford worker with  a successful L&I claim has a right to necessary and proper medical treatment for their occupational disease. To get this medical treatment first get the necessary forms, second see your doctor, and third file your claim.  For details see: Getting Started with your L&I Claim.

To receive ongoing medical treatment, you must choose your attending physician from L&I’s list of approved medical examiners.  Your attending physician can send you to specialists.

Either of these doctors can refer you out for appropriate medical testing.

Your doctors will send their bills for your treatment to Penser. You should never see a medical bill for your accepted occupational disease.

Medical care continues until your claim closes. A few seriously hurt and legally smart persons get a lifetime of claim related medical care.


Time loss is a money benefit paid every two weeks. It is a tax free payment of about 60+% of the wages you were making at the time of the injury. Time loss should be paid until you return to work or your claim settles and closes. For more information see: How to To Get a Fair Rate.

Pension is a money benefit for Hanford workers’ who will never return to any job. It is a lifetime monthly payment of money. If you qualify you can still get a pension even if your employer did not have a pension program. For more information see: Pensions

Permanent Partial Disability Settlement (PPD) is a lump sum paid at claim closure. This is a settlement for impairment to the body or mind of Hanford workers, for the permanent effects of their injury. For more information see: PPD

If Your Husband, Wife, or Parent Died Because of an on the job occupational disease you may be eligible for past due and future pension payments. Legal Help for This 

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