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L&I Lawyer

L&I Law is Specialized

L&I lawyers have learned this specialized law so they can advance the interests of injured workers at Labor and Industries, in the Court System, and before the legislature. A good L&I lawyer will make a difference in your L&I claim.

Do I Have to Pay a Lawyer?

Many L&I cases can be handled on a DIY basis. No lawyer will result in no lawyer fees. Instead of hiring a lawyer right away, call for a free strategy session. No lawyer fees & no pressure. Just information. If you later hire a lawyer, then ask for a contingency fee agreement. It makes it easy.

Do I Want a Lawyer? Can I DIY?

Like a lot of things – it depends. It depends on the facts of your case.

  • For example you don’t need a guide to take a walk in the park.
  • You do need a guide to cross the Sahara Desert.
  • Does your claim resemble either?

The following important questions will help you figure that out.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Your L&I Case.

  • How much is at stake?
  • Can I afford to lose?
  • How much experience do you have with L&I claims and in the courtroom?
  • Is your claim complicated?
  • Is your claims manager always helpful?
  • Is your medical condition straight forward or complicated?
  • Is your doctor on the right track?
  • Is there an IME complicating your L&I claim?
  • Will your doctor(s) be there for you and stand up to L&I when you need them to?
  • Am you getting all the benefits you are entitled to?
  • What needs to be done?
  • Can you do it?
  • Have you got on the phone and gotten a free consultation from an L&I lawyer about you case and what can be done to improve it?

The good things about L&I lawyers:

  • Most of them have done this many time before
  • An experienced L&I lawyer knows exactly what to do
  • They know which doctors to send you to for good treatment and fair medical opinions
  • They charge contingent legal  fees, so you only pay lawyer fees if you win, and then only out of the money recovered for you.
  • They  can make a positive difference
  • A good L&I lawyer will give you a free consultation, with advice and their suggested direction.

The bad thing about lawyers

  • You have to pay them.

13 Reasons You Might Want to Hire an L&I Lawyer

  1. A career threatening injury is so difficult that it depression, creates inaction, and worries the injured worker and their spouse.
  2. Unfair treatment by the  claims manager and/or a nurse case manager
  3. The injured worker can’t get important information such as the copy of their file, the IME report, the PPD rules, or good advice about a pension.
  4. An unfavorable ORDER arrives from L&I and the injured worker does not know what to do or how to effectively protest or appeal
  5. The injured worker returns to light duty work and is given full duty. They are harassed, talked about and their continued employment is in doubt.
  6. The injured worker walks out of an IME and knows something isn’t right. The doctor who is deciding his fate is hostile, abrupt, or rude. The doctor doesn’t listen and writes an unfair report. The injured worker can’t get a copy of the IME.
  7. There is a third party claim.
  8. The injured worker has a serious and disabling injury that will never get better.
  9. The medical care is inadequate; or the doctor has given up because L&I claims are too much paperwork.
  10. The injured worker deserves a pension, but doesn’t know how to qualify nor how to get a pension.
  11. Time loss benefits are threatened, not paid timely, not paid in the correct amount, or not paid at all.
  12. The injured worker deserves a Permanent Partial Disability settlement, but doesn’t know the rules and doesn’t trust L&I or the Self-Insured company to be fair.
  13. The unfortunate effects of the injury and the harsh realities of the L&I system, have worn the injured worker down. Too tired to fight anymore they get a lawyer to help.

Christopher Sharpe Lawyer

Christopher Sharpe is a Seattle workers’ compensation lawyer who has helped thousands of injured workers get their benefits and successfully conclude their L&I case.  Our mission is  to help injured workers throughout Washington State understand their rights, obtain competent legal counsel and receive the L&I benefits such as time loss, PPD settlement and pensions. Chris Sharpe and his law firm want to talk to you about your L&I claim. If you would like one we will provide you with a free strategy session. If you don’t need a lawyer we will tell you so,  If a lawyer could improve your case we will talk to you about the benefits of legal representation.

We are standing by, ready to assist.  Contact Us.

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