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L&I Law is Complicated

L&I Workers Compensation law in Washington State is complicated. The Sharpe Law Firm explains L&I law so that it is easier for you to understand. It is our mission to help injured workers throughout Washington State know the law and understand their rights so they receive fair treatement from L&I.

We speak L&I without the legalease. Contact us for a discussion about your L&I claim. Our consultations about your L&I claim are free.

Do I Want a Lawyer? Can I DIY?

These are good questions. The answer is – it depends. It depends on how complicated your claim is, how extensive your injuries are, and how much you can get L&I to do for you. 

Minor Injures and Problem Free Claims –  You can probably DIY. Many L&I claims do not need an attorney. You probably do not need an attorney with minor injuries that have few claim complications. The information on this website can help you decide if you should DIY.

Significant Injuries and Problematic Claims – Problematic claims and significant injuries are very different. Major medical problems, loss of job, inability to return to work, uncooperative claims managers, unfair IME doctors pushy vocational counselors, shaky mental health, and unfavorable L&I orders need expert help. Sometimes legal guidance is what it takes to get a fair result.

I Don’t Want to Pay an Attorney Unless I Have To.

Welcome to the club. Few persons want to pay attorney fees. Check out the Important Questions to ask yourself below, then make your best decision.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Your L&I Case.

  • How big are the problems with my L&I claim?
  • How much money is at stake?
  • Can I afford to lose some or all of the money at stake?
  • How much experience do I have with L&I cases?
  • Will this claim end up in the courtroom?
  • Is my claim complicated or simple?
  • Do I have a conflict with my claims manager?
  • Is my medical condition straight forward and resolving favorably or not?
  • Is there an IME causing problems with my L&I claim?
  • Will my doctor be there for me and stand up to L&I when I need him or her?
  • Am I getting all the benefits I am entitled to?
  • Is there more that needs to be done?
  • Can I do it?

How Can the Sharpe Law Firm Help Me?

Introducing the Free Strategy Session

We Will Talk To You – Even if we don’t take your case we have information for you.

Phone Calls Answered – We answer our phones 8am-5pm. You call us and we will talk to you about your case and answer your questions for free.

Informational Website – You are now looking at the most comprehensive Washington Stte L&I website, period. Invest yoru time here. Learn about L&I benefits an how to get your fair share.

Referrals to Free Services – Most people who contact us don’t need a lawyer and we are quick to tell them so. We make referrals to non-legal help services if that’s all it takes to get the job done.

Legal Representation – If you will clearly benefit from attorney help, we’ll talk to you about that. If you wan a referral to a lawyer consider it done.

The good things about L&I Attorneys:

  • An experienced L&I attorney knows exactly what to do.
  • They know how to handle bogus IME’s
  • They know which medical professionals to send you to for good treatment and fair medical opinions.
  • They know how to increase the value of your case
  • A good L&I attorney will believe in your case. They will charge contingent legal fees, so you only pay attorney fees if they get you money. More about Contingent Legal Fees. 
  • They can make a difference between winning and losing.
  • A good L&I attorney will give you a free consultation, with helpful advice and a suggested course of action.

The bad thing about Attorneys

  • You have to pay them, and they are not cheap.

13 Reasons You Might Want to Hire an L&I Attorney

  1. A career threatening injury is so difficult that it causes mental health concerns, creates inaction, and worries the injured worker and their partner.
  2. Negatuve information is coming from the nurse case manager and/or a claims manager
  3. There seems to be no way to get important information such as the copyof the L&I claim file, the IME report, the PPD rules, or good advice about a pension.
  4. L&I sends an unfavorable ORDER  and something must be done.
  5. The return to work isn’t going well.
  6. The injured worker walks out of an IME and has a bad feeling. The IME doc who is deciding his fate is mean, condisending, and unfriendly. That physician doesn’t listen and writes an unfair report. The injured worker can’t get a copy of their own IME report.
  7. There is a third party claim.
  8. The injured worker is seriously disabled.
  9. The medical care isn’t getting the job done; or the physician has grown tired of helping because L&I claims are too much paperwork.
  10. The injured worker deserves a pension, but doesn’t know what to do.
  11. Time loss benefits are cut off.
  12. The injured worker ends up with a permanent medical impairment but doesn’t know how to get a fair Permanent Partial Disability settlement.
  13. The devastating effects of the injury and the harsh realities of the L&I claim, have taken their toll on the workrer. Too depressed and tired to fight anymore they get an attorney to help.

Experienced Washington Workers’ Compensation Attorney Christopher Sharpe

Christopher Sharpe is a five star Seattle workers’ compensation attorney who has helped thousands of injured workers get their benefits. Our mission at the Sharpe Law Firm is to help the injured workers of Washington State understand their rights, obtain competent legal counsel and receive the L&I benefits such as time loss, PPD settlement and pensions. Chris Sharpe and his law firm want to talk to you about your L&I claim. If you ask, we will provide you with a free strategy session. If you don’t need an attorney, we will be quick to tell you so. If an Attorney could improve your case we will talk to you about the benefits of legal representation.

We are standing by, ready to assist.

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