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Labor and Industries and Employer Surveillance of Injured Workers

Do L&I and Self Insured Employers do Surveillance of Injured Workers?

Yes, L&I and Self Insured Employers spy on  injured workers every day. Their techniques include hiring private investigators, following workers around and working with State, Federal and local law enforcement to detect and prosecute fraudulent activity.

Why Do L&I and Employers Spy on Injured Workers?

L&I and employers are looking for evidence of willful misrepresentation and fraud from workers who collect L&I benefits. Willful misrepresentation and fraud are against the law.

What is Willful Misrepresentation?

Fraud is willful misrepresentation intended to result in financial gain.

  • For injured workers fraud includes obtaining money and other benefits which they are not entitled to by willfully misrepresenting or omitting medical facts.
  • For employers fraud includes under reporting hours or misclassifying workers.

What is a Fraud Order?

A fraud order is serious business. It is L&I’s way of saying you have done something wrong and we are coming after you. Do not ignore a fraud order. Protest, appeal, and otherwise deal with the order in timely fashion. GET A LAWYER.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help with a Fraud Order?

If L&I is going to take back the value of the benefits you obtained you should consult with a workers compensation lawyer. 

If law enforcement is going to charge you with fraud you should speak with a criminal lawyer. 

Be careful with criminal charges, fraud is a felony. A felony conviction could follow you around for the rest of your life. Don’t let that happen to you.

What is willful Misrepresentation Reporting Requirement and Checklist?

It is a checklist of details about your claim that the L&I fraud division will look at when deciding whether to issue a fraud order.

This form will tell you a lot about how fraud claims are handled at L&I. Here is a link to the report form. Willful Misrepresentation Reporting Requirements and Checklist.

Where can I Find the L&I Fraud Law?

  • RCW 51.32.240 (5) allows L&I to recoup all fraudulent payments together with a 50% penalty.
  • RCW 51.48.020 provides that obtaining benefits by fraud is a felony or gross misdemeanor

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