When L&I decides to dump you, who is going to stop them?

L&I Time Loss Cut Off?

L&I time loss gets cut off for a number of reasons:

  • Return to work
  • Vocational services end and the injured worker is found employable
  • Doctor fails to certify time loss
  • Employer offers a job within the medical restrictions
  • IME doctor or the attending physician says worker can return to work
  • Self Insured makes a mistake, or is unreasonable
  • L&I makes a mistake, or is unreasonable

What to do when time loss ends.

Protest or appeal timely any decision you think is wrong

Figure out why time loss ended and solve the problem.

Unable to work?

If you may never be able to return to work, learn about an L&I pension. It could change your life.

Need Help?

A workers compensation attorney can get justice for you.  Contact Us.

 Whats Next?

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