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L&I Benefit Info. Links You Can Use to Get L&I Benefits

Hurt on the job?

Got an Accepted L&I Claim for Workers Compensation in Washington?

Your L&I claim gives you the right to benefits. Here is information with links to the best LNI benefits.

  1. L&I Medical Care

    You may choose your own doctor from the medical provider network and have the medical bills related to your job injury or disease paid for, so long as the treatment you receive is found to be necessary and proper. See Medical Care.

  2. L&I Time Loss Compensation

    Off work with no money coming in? You may receive L&I time loss money every two weeks while you are certified as unable to work. This is a partial wage replacement. Learn how to get L&I  time loss. See How Do I Get a Fair Time Loss Rate .

  3. L&I Permanent Partial Disability Settlement (PPD)

    Injured workers have a right to receive an L&I settlement for permanent partial disability (PPD), existing at claim closure. Information about workers compensation money and settlement amounts can be found here. See How to Get a Fair Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Settlement.

  4. L&I Vocational Rehabilitation

    Limited vocational assistance may be available if your injury continues to totally restrict your ability to work. Job training is a Washington workers compensation benefit. See Vocational Rehabilitation.

  5. L&I Pension Payments

    If you can prove that your injury is so serious that you cannot return to any gainful employment, you should receive pension payments for life. This is an L&I pension. It doesn’t matter that your employer has no pension plan. You can still get an L&I pension if you qualify.  See Pension.

  6. L&I Death Benefits

    If you die from a job-related injury or occupational disease, your surviving spouse and dependent children have a right to receive a monthly pension. See Pension.

  7. L&I Travel Reimbursement

    If pre-authorized, reimbursement for travel mileage, parking, tolls, food, lodging and lost wages will be paid in connection with medical treatment. Travel Reimbursement Form

  8. Property Damage Reimbursement

    Personal clothing or protective equipment lost or damaged in an L&I job injury will be replaced.

  9. L&I Loss of Earning Power Benefits (LEP)

    While your claim is open, if you perform part-time or light-duty work for less pay than you made at the job you were injured on, it may be to your advantage to collect LEP benefits. These are money benefits that, in part, make up the difference between the pay rates of your current and previous jobs. More Information on LEP

  10. Reopening Your L&I Claim

    After your claim is closed, if your medical condition worsens and requires additional medical attention, you may apply to Reopen Your Claim.

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