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Washington State Labor and Industries Law

L&I Benefits Are the Only Good Thing About a Job Injury

Get The Benefits You Deserve While Your Claim is Open

Settlement money at claim closure.  Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

Money sent to you every two weeks to replace your wages. Time Loss

Lifetime payments for injuries so severe you can never work again.  L&I Pension

Get well and have L&I pay for it. Medical Benefits

Links to every L&I benefit.  L&I Benefit Information for Injured Workers with 12 Proven Links That You Can Use Now


L&I Law

Learn how L&I is required to handle your claim. L&I Claims- A Complete Guide to Job Injuries for Beginners

More information than you knew existed. L&I Workers Compensation Law and Information

How to get started. Filing an L&I Claim

Most everything you need to know about the process – Things You Need to Know

Your Questions Answered about Washington State L&I

Most everything you ever wanted to know about L&I claims. – Things You Need To Know About L&I Claims

Frequently asked L&I questions – (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions About L&I Injuries with Helpful Answers

What do you want to know. –L&I Questions Answered by Email

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Do I Need or Want a Labor and Industries Lawyer

Here is what a Lawyer Costs

Do I Need a Lawyer or Can I DIY 

Top 13 Reasons Injured Workers Hire an Attorney

L&I Attorney Christopher Sharpe

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What is Going on with My L&I Claim

Things You Need to Know About L&I Claims

Important L&I People


L&I Definitions

Self Insured Claims

More Washington State L&I Information   

Additional informational resources below can be printed and studied to learn more about the benefits available under Washington’s L&I benefits program.

L&I Benefits Summary – by Sharpe Law Firm

L&I Guide – by Washington Department of Labor and Industries

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