L&I Travel Reimbursement Rules Explained

L&I Travel Expense Reimbursement in Washington

What is L&I Travel Expense Reimbursement?

Travel expense reimbursement is a benefit which some injured workers are eligible to receive. The benefit is relatively small, and only available in some circumstances.

When Do You Get L&I Travel Reimbursement?

  • Travel to and from IME’s  at department’s or self-insurer’s request
  • Travel to and from vocational services at department’s or self-insurer’s request
  • Travel to and from fitting of prosthetic devices
  • Travel to and from your medical treatment – with prior authorization
  • Travel to and from your vocational training  – with prior authorization

How Do You Get Workers’ Comp Travel Reimbursement?

  • Travel Reimbursement Request Form – Your request must be made within one year of the trip and must indicate the date, destination, and reason for travel. Reimbursement Request
  • Save Receipts! Receipts are required for all expenses except parking expenses under $10.

What is a Travel Expense?

  • Lodging, food, mileage, taxi, parking, tolls, etc.

When and How Much Travel Expense is Reimbursed?

  • Travel expenses will be reimbursed at the current Department rate, subject to the  Travel Rules below.
  • The L&I travel reimbursement rules can be found at WAC 296-20-1103.
  • Reimbursement is based on the current Domestic Per Diem rates. See Reimbursement Rates for Lodging, Meals, Vehicle Mileage for current rates.
  • IME’s – Hourly wage at the time of the exam for missed work; meals; hotel expenses; taxi fare; parking costs; and ferry and bridge tolls.
  • Medical treatment and vocational training – With prior authorization for medical treatment or vocational retraining, when worker must travel more than fifteen miles one-way from the worker’s home to the nearest point of adequate treatment or vocational retraining.  Travel expenses will not be paid if a worker chooses to seek treatment with a provider outside the fifteen mile home radius when adequate treatment is available inside the home area.

Out of State Injured Workers

  • Payment for some travel costs may be considered if travel is pre-approved by your claim manager.

L&I Travel Reimbursement Rules

The L&I travel reimbursement rules can be found at WAC 296-20-1103 and at L&I Claim Expense Reimbursement

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