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Right to Know

Right to know laws assist workers and the community regarding hazardous substances.

Community Right to Know

Community Right to Know laws are administered by the Department of Ecology. Citizens and organizations can obtain information about hazardous materials in their communities. Information is available on air and water emissions, hazardous waste, pesticide use, disposal of household substances, and the environmental compliance history of any company.

Information can be obtained by calling the Ecology Hazardous Substance  Information Hotline 1-800-633-7585. Information can also obtained at

Employee Right to Know

Worker right to know laws are handled by the Department of Labor and Industries.  LNI uses the hazard communication standard to require all Washington state employers to inform and train employee’s about hazardous chemicals in the work place.

Employer obligations under Right to Know Laws.

Employers are required to:

  • Inventory workplaces to identify the hazardous materials to which employees are exposed.
  • Get Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each hazardous chemical used in the work place.
  • Be sure all chemical containers are properly labeled.
  • Inform and train employees who are exposed to hazards.
  • Develop a written plan explaining how employees are trained and informed about toxic chemicals they deal with.

Worker Right to Know information is in the Washington Annotated Code at WAC 296-62

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