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Pre Job Accommodations

Pre job accommodations are alterations or adjustments made to the way a job is performed, to accommodate the restrictions imposed by the job injury or occupational disease. The purpose is to make it possible for the worker to perform the essential functions of a job. The injured worker cannot have a job to successfully apply, rather they should be engaged in a job search or vocational rehabilitation plan, WAC 296-19A-010(10).

Requirements for Pre-Job Accommodations

L&I in their discretion may authorize pre-job accomodtions when the following criteria are met:

  1. open claim; and
  2. the attending physician certifiesthat pre-job accommodations are medically necessary due to the effectsof the accepted condition; and
  3. the accommodation is necessary to enable the worker to:
    • participate in an approved vocational retraining program; or
    • perform the essential functions of a job or job goal; and
  4. no employer-employee relationship exists. WAC 296-19A-191

How Much Funding is Available for Pre-Job Accommodations?

Up to  $5,000 is available, payable from the second injury fund. The use of job modifications does not increase the employers L&I premiums

How to Apply For Pre-Job Accommodations

Pre-job accommodations may be requested by the worker, vocational provider, the claims manager, or a consulting health care provider.

The request is made to the claims manager. The claims manager authorizes a consultation; usually a physical therapist, or occupational therapist, and ergonomic expert, an employer, or possibly an equipment vendor, to assess the expected work site.

The consultant generates a report, using the pre-job accommodations assistance application (F245-350-000).

In accordance with WAC 296-19A-193, the application shall include, but is not limited to:

  1. a document supporting the need for pre-job accommodations;
  2. a description of the pre-job accommodations;
  3. an itemized account of each expense to be incurred on the pre-job accommodations;
  4. an ownership agreement;
  5. physician’s certification of medical necessity

The consultant submits the paperwork and details the to claims manager for a decision. If you don’t like the claims managers decision, you can protest or appeal.

Why request Pre-job accommodations?

Pre-job accommodations are designed to allow an injured worker to participate in a retraining program or otherwise become employable by providing tools, equipment, or appliances. If you qualify, use it or lose it.

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