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Obligations of Injured Workers

The rights of an injured worker are subject to the performance of certain obligations. This means you can lose your rights if you don’t do certain things. At a minimum:

  1. You must report your accident to your employer and your doctor.
  2. You must file an accident report with L&I or the self-insuring employer within one year of a job injury, or within two years of written notice of an occupational disease. The sooner you file, the better. Your doctor should have these forms.
  3. You must always tell the truth when claiming benefits. Giving false information is a crime.
  4. You must cooperate with your doctor, employer, vocational consultant, and claims manager.
  5. You must comply with certain time deadlines. Pay attention to all paperwork that is sent to you, especially anything titled ORDER AND NOTICE. If you change your address, let L&I or the self-insurer know immediately.

If you miss a deadline, YOU COULD LOSE YOUR RIGHTS. If you don’t know what to do, get help before your rights expire.

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