When L&I decides to dump you, who is going to stop them?

News For Physicians About The New L&I Provider Network

Why should a physician join the L&I provider network? 

Simply put Doctor, some of your patients are/will be injured workers and… you want your bills paid.

I’ve been a provider for years. 

IT DOES NOT MATTER.  All previous Washington L&I providers who are Physicians, Chiropractors, Naturopathic physicians, Podiatric physicians & surgeons, Dentists, Optometrists, Advanced registered nurse practitioners, or Physician assistants will be dumped out of the system early in 2013.  Your previous L&I provider number will be invalid.  Your bill will not be paid unless you have joined the new L&I provider network. 

If your specialty is not listed above, or you practice out-of-state, you can continue to treat injured Washington workers in 2013, without joining the network.

Will there be a limit to the number of providers in the network?

No. It is an open network – L&I will accept all qualified providers who meet network requirements.

If I am the type of provider listed above but I don’t enroll in the network, will I be able to treat injured workers starting in January 2013?

If you are one of the provider types listed above and you don’t join the network, starting in January 2013 you will be able to treat injured workers but you won’t get paid except for an initial office visit or for an emergency room visit. Any injured workers in your care will need to move to a network provider early in 2013.

You really should join the network. Your patients lose when a good doctor drops out of the system.  The injured workers of this state need your help.  Please join the network

How do I apply to the provider network? 

You can apply at any time at www.JoinTheNetwork.Lni.wa.gov. You do not need to wait for L&I to send you an invitation.

What’s Next?