Medical Retirement with an L&I Claim

  1. The definition of medical retirement changes depending upon who is using it.
  2. If your doctor says you can medically retire he likely thinks you can’t or shouldn’t be working and you may be eligible for a pension or social security disability.
  3. If your employer says you can medically retire, pay attention. Many self insured employers will transition their workers from leave of absence to medical retirement and an employer or union pension. Nothing wrong with that. However those same employers often will not explain that you can get both an employer pension and L&I benefits, to include an L&I pension. Be sure to follow up on your L&I Benefits.
  4. Voluntary retirement is an L&I concept, be careful with this. Click on the link for more info.
  5. Early retirement is a social security concept that reduces retirement benefits. If eligible consider social security disability instead of early retirement.

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