How to Get an L&I Doctor


L&I’s Medical Provider Network – How to Find An L&I Doctor

If a Washington State doctor wants to get paid for treating you for your L&I injury, he must be a member of the L&I medical provider network.

What is L&I’s Medical Provider Network?

The network is a list of Washington State doctors and other Washington  health-care providers that L&I has approved to care for injured workers. The network providers meet standards set up by L&I.

What if my doctor is not a member of the network?

If your regular doctor or health care provider is not a member of the L&I network, then convince your doctor to join the network or find another doctor.

  • Find a doctor on L&I’s provider list
  • Convince your doctor to become a network provider.  Your doctor needs to  submit a form to request to  become an L&I network provider.

How to find an L&I doctor

  • If you have a specific doctor in mind or if you are unsure if a doctor is in the network you can check their status at Find a doctor

Which Washington State doctors need to be network providers? L&I Network Provider Rules

In Washington State you must find a network provider whenever you need care from any of these specialities.

  • Physicians
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Advanced registered nurse practitioners
  • Naturopathic physicians
  • Podiatry physicians and surgeons
  • Physician assistants

Other types of providers, (not listed above) do not need to join the network at this time. Providers that do NOT need to join the network include, physical therapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists; pharmacies; and hospitals; out of state providers and others.

Why would a Washington physician want to join the L&I provider network?

To treat an injured worker Washington State doctors need to be a network provider. Simply put, some of a doctors patients are/will be injured workers and doctors want their bills paid. The network needs good doctors. Try to get your doctor to join.

Why is finding a good L&I doctor so difficult?

There are not enough doctors taking L&I claims. Many doctors don’t like the L&I. They don’t like  paperwork, IME’s  and other L&I complications.  As a result, many of them “are not accepting L&I patients”, or “don’t know what is going on.”

Medical providers account numbers for out of State and Out of Country Doctors.

Out of State Provider?  If you are a provider in any other state other than Washington, you will want to submit the Provider Account Application so you may be paid for services. Provider Account Number Application

Out of Country Provider? If you are a provider who is out of the United States you will want to submit the Provider Account Application (Non-network) for L&I to pay you for services rendered. Provider Account Number Application

The process takes 60-90 days .  They say they will notify you of  their decision. If you are accepted, you will receive a letter notifying you of your provider account number. After 90 days, if you haven’t heard from L&I then email them at

How does my doctor join the medical provider network?

Doctor, Click here to learn how you can join the  L&I provider network.

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