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L&I Claim Information for Injured Workers

We Believe that You Deserve Good Information about L&I and that You Should Not Have to Pay an Attorney to Get Information.

When you are only looking for information you should not have to hire a lawyer to get that information.

We provide that free information about L&I claims on this website – check it out.

We also answer your questions at no charge to you. Got a question? We have an answer. Call us at 206-343-1988

Who is the Sharpe Law Firm?

We are the Sharpe law firm. We help injured workers by providing free information by phone or email.

Would you like to know about your L&I claim? We are happy to share this information with you, at no charge.

We are not going to ask you to become our client. We are not going to apply any sales pressure. We are here to give you information and help you with answers to your questions and referrals to persons who can help.

We do not require your name for you to receive information or to ask questions.

Mr. Sharpe believes that every person deserves access to information about the law. He is no longer actively litigating cases. He consults with injured workers and other lawyers and assists them with information and fresh ideas as necessary. Mr. Sharpe has never tolerated L&I taking advantage of workers. He is here to help you.

We Provide Free Legal Information and Answers to Your Questions

On our website. This website has many pages of free legal information you can read online or download for later use. Just type this into your computer search engine (Google, Yahoo ect.) to reach our website

By telephone. You can call us. Your phone call will be answered or returned the next business day. If you have questions and wish to talk, call us.  We have attorneys and paralegals who can provide you with free legal information. Here is our phone number. 206-343-1988 We are happy to give you some guidance and help you understand the legal impact of what is happening to your claim.

By e-mail. You may also email us with your questions or concerns. We will reply and provide you with answers or direct you to legal and community information which may be of assistance to you.  Tell us your story

We Provide Legal Services and Referrals

If you don’t need a lawyer at this time we will be quick to tell you soA little information may be all you need.

If you think you might want a lawyer we will talk to you about how legal representation works, what it costs, and what it can and cannot do for you.

We provide referrals to lawyers. If you think you  need a lawyer and if you ask for a referral, we will provide one.  You are under no obligation to follow up with the names we provide. If you ask if we think you need a lawyer we will give you an honest answer.

Referrals to community services. If there are free non-legal community services  that we are aware of which may help you, we will so advise and give you their contact information.

If you have an attorney you can still use the information on this website to learn things. However if you then have questions you should ask them of your attorney.

More Information is Available Here.

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