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We’ve all laughed at lawyer jokes, but when your future and livelihood is on the line, it’s no laughing matter. If you have thought about hiring a lawyer, read on.

Do I need a lawyer?

Like a lot of things – it depends.

For example you don’t need a guide to take a walk in the park.

You do need a guide to cross the Okepanoke swamp.

Does your claim resemble either?

Factors to consider:

  • How much is at stake?
  • Can you afford to lose?
  • How much experience do you have at this?
  • Is your claim complicated?
  • Is your claim moving in the right direction or is it headed for disaster?
  • Is your claims manager always helpful?
  • Is your medical condition complicated or contradicted by an IME?
  • Is your doctor on the right track?
  • Will your doctor be there for you later when you need him to handle your paperwork?
  • Are you getting the benefits you are entitled to?
  • What needs to be done?
  • Can you do it?
  • Have you got on the phone and talked to an L&I lawyer about your rights?

The good things about L&I lawyers:

  • Most of them have done this many times before
  • An experienced L&I lawyer knows exactly what to do
  • They know which doctors to send you to for good treatment and fair medical opinions
  • They charge contingent fees, so you only pay fees if you win
  • They can make a positive difference
  • A good L&I lawyer will give you a free consultation, with advice and their suggested direction. Be sure any advice you get is from an L&I lawyer, not a lawyer who does only personal injury. It makes a difference

The bad thing about lawyers

  • You have to pay them.

What’s Next?