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How To Get Started With Your Hanford L&I Claim

File a Claim

Hanford L&I Claims are filed  when you or your doctor report your injury or occupational disease in writing to your employer or to Penser North American (Penser).

First get the forms, from the Workers Compensation Representative (WCR) for your company. The Self-Insured Accident Report (SIF-2) and Physicians Initial Report (PIR) are the forms you need.  These are self-insured claims. If you cannot locate your company’s WCR then ask Penser for a claim filing packet.

Next complete the forms and return it to the WCR. Your Workers Compensation Representative  should help you with the details of the SIF2 claim form and forward it to Penser.  You and the doctor together complete the Physicians Initial Report (PIR). The doctor then mails the PIR to the third-party claims administrator, Penser North America. You be sure both these forms get to Penser. There is no claim until Penser has the forms.

At this point you have filed a claim. You should expect to be contacted by Penser for a statement and requests for information regarding your employment and work activities at Hanford. Be smart about what you say to Penser.

Can I Do It Myself (DIY)

Is This Your Claim?

If this is your claim, and you are seeing your doctor, and your doctor wants to help you, then  you should be able to file the claim without legal help. After your claim is filed, L&I/DOE/Penser will make a decision on the merits of the claim. If they allow the claim, congratulations, you are on your way to being considered for benefits. As the claim progresses keep a close watch on Penser and the DOE. They do have a history of taking advantage of Hanford workers. If the claim is denied or runs into complications get legal help.

Is This a Claim for Another Person?

If you are wanting to file a claim for another person such as a deceased spouse you can do that. Consider getting legal help. These are not easy claims and the Department of Energy has a track record of taking advantage of unrepresented workers and widows.

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