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Did Your Spouse Die From A Workplace Injury or Occupational Disease?

Do Workers Die Because of Their Jobs?

Yes they do. In the United States over 150 workers die everyday from injury and occupational disease. Death on the job is too frequent, just plain wrong and should not be tolerated in a civilized society. If your company shot your spouse, that would be murder and not OK.  If working conditions are so tough that the job kills him, how is that OK? How far have we slipped from being humane and compassionate if we can justify it when a man’s job kills him. There ought to be a law.

There are laws to deal with the aftermath of a job related injury. The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) is the agency charged with enforcing these laws. These laws include enforcement action against the harmful employer, and money for the surviving spouse.

The financial help for the surviving spouse or other qualified beneficiaries is written into Washington law. It provides protection for the surviving spouse with cash payments  and a pension.  If the job contributed to or accelerated your spouse’s death, you deserve a pension.

How Does a Surviving Spouse Get a Pension?

  • First learn about pension benefits here on this website.
  • Then apply for benefits
  • Provide the necessary documentation
  • Meet the Statute of Limitations (SOL)

What are Pension Benefits?

  • Money every month to the surviving spouse, for the remainder of their life.
  • A one-time “immediate” payment if the worker’s death resulted from the workplace injury or disease
  • A burial benefit if death is directly related to the job injury or occupational disease. The dollar amount is determined by the date of death
  • If you remarry you may lose your pension

Is Getting a Pension Difficult?

That depends upon a lot of factors and matters of proof. Especially medical factors. For some people it is easy and for some it is more of a challenge.

What Will it Cost?

Consult with an L&I lawyer. They can look at the facts of your case and let you know what it will take and if it is worth it to try and get a pension.

Lawyers who do L&I pension work charge contingent fees. That means there should be no attorney fees unless you get the pension. Even then the fees get paid from the payments made by L&I and are not required up front or out of your pocket.

Who Will Help Me Get this Pension

We are here to help you.

We will be happy to give you advice and help you get the pension you so deserve.

Losing a spouse is a major life setback but it’s not the end of the story.  Contact Us and we will give your story a happy ending.


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