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Retirement From Work With An Open L&I Claim

Early Retirement

Many companies offer early retirement to workers who have serious job injuries. The suggestion is that since you are close to retirement, why not take it now and be done with it. It’s a good idea, but take care as to how you retire.

Retirement Choices

Medically necessary due to injury  is a retirement choice that will qualify you a wider spectrum of L&I settlement options. This is a good thing because it includes L&I pension benefits.

Regular retirement is a retirement choice which could adversely affect the settlement and closure of your L&I claim. If you choose regular retirement, make it very clear in the retirement paperwork that some other reason you cannot work is due in part to the job injury.

L&I Claim Closure and Settlement Choices

Serious injury L&I claims will close in one of three ways. With a Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) award, with a Claims Resolution Structured Settlement Agreement or with an L&I Pension.  It makes a difference.

L&I Pension

An L&I Pension is a claim closure option. It is the option of choice for many injured workers if they will never work again. It is the best L&I settlement.

All L&I claims are in theory eligible for closure with a pension. Said another way your employer doesn’t need to have a pension plan for you to be eligible for an L&I pension. An L&I pension can be awarded to any injured worker who will never work again, at least in part because of a job injury.

It doesn’t matter if your employer:

  • has or doesn’t have a retirement package
  • has or doesn’t have a pension plan
  • wants you to get a pension or not

L&I Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

An L&I Permanent Partial Disability settlement is the usual way L&I claims close. This option is for injured workers who can return to work. It is a modest sum of money paid for physical and/or mental impairment at claim closure. See Permanent Partial Disability for more information.

Early Retirement and L&I Claim Closure

If you will never work again, and your L&I job injury is at least partly responsible for your not working, then retire as medically necessary, and you will keep open your chance to also receive a L&I pension at claim closure.

Getting an L&I Pension

L&I pensions are good to have but difficult to get. It takes a serious injury, an inability to ever work again, a helpful doctor, good timing, and a little luck to get one. It’s worth the effort.  Contact Us at the Sharpe Law Firm if we can help. You’ll be glad you did. Sharpe Law Firm.

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