Trust your gut. If work is making you sick, we can help.

Don’t Worry About What Other People Think

Work is hard, gritty, and dangerous. Workers toil alongside danger, while every minute risking their physical and mental well being. For what? A paycheck and a few benefits, to help make ends meet?

Workers compensation insurance is one of those benefits. Every worker in the state is covered and has that benefit.

So when the tragedy of a serious job accident or industrial disease strikes, use your workers’ compensation insurance. It’s a benefit you paid and toiled for; it’s there for you in your time of need; so use it or lose it.

The pervasive stigma of claiming workers’ compensation benefits is alarming. Most people are more worried about what friends, coworkers, and neighbors will say than they are about saving their own skin.

Get over it. Your case is genuine. Your injuries are real. Your dilemma cries out for help.

Help yourself. File the claim. Fight the claim. Hold your head high and push forward. If you miss this chance you might die broken and broke.

You don’t deserve that. Respect yourself and stick up for your rights.

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