Things You Need to Know

Don’t Be Afraid and Don’t Worry About What Other People Think

Don’t be Afraid of L&I!

Don’t be afraid of L&I. Learn enough about the L&I system you’re in so you have the confidence you need to safely navigate it. Don’t be afraid to do something. Action cures fear and puts self doubt to rest.

Don’t be afraid to disagree with an L&I decision. Claims managers get it wrong all the time. Your timely written protest or appeal helps them get it right.

Don’t be afraid of claims managers. They are overworked and often quick to make a wrong decision or no decision at all. Help them make the right decision.

Don’t Worry About the Legal System.

Don’t be afraid to protest, appeal or go to court. The judges at the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals are knowledgeable and fair. It’s their job to interpret L&I law most favorably to the injured worker.

Don’t Give Up. Take Care of Yourself!

Don’t be afraid if this injury has ruined your life. If it’s already happened then the added worry won’t help. If you have decided that your life is ruined then it’s a good bet you’re depressed. Get some psychological help. Get motivated. It makes a difference. If things can be turned around with some knowledge and action, then learn what you need to know and do something before it’s too late.

Don’t Worry About what Other People Think.

Don’t be afraid of what your coworkers will say. Your injury is none of their business. Take care of your own life and family and all that is important to you.

Don’t Be Afraid to File an L&I Claim.

Don’t be afraid to file a claim. It’s industrial insurance. You already paid for this insurance. Now that you need it, use it or lose it.

The pervasive stigma of claiming workers’ compensation benefits is alarming. Most people are more worried about what friends, coworkers, and neighbors will say than they are about saving their own skin.

Get over it. Your case is genuine. Your injuries are real. Your dilemma cries out for help. Help yourself. File the claim. Fight the claim. Hold your head high and push forward. If you miss this chance you might die broken and broke. You don’t deserve that. Respect yourself and stick up for your rights. Get legal help if you need it.

If your work is discouraging you from filing a claim, see:  Suppression of L&I Workers’ Compensation Claims

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